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  • None

    8 18.18%
  • OEM Slip

    4 9.09%
  • Side Loading Pouch

    7 15.91%
  • Aluminum (Innopocket)

    1 2.27%
  • Holster

    4 9.09%
  • Flip Case

    3 6.82%
  • Form Fitting

    14 31.82%
  • Other

    3 6.82%
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    I have three different cases for my Treo 600, I am curious which case is your favorite everyday use case.
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    Pro-clip, does that count?
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    that'd fit under holsters
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    No case.
    Just EGrips in front pocket.
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    Right now it's the Krusell form fitting.
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    Well, right now I have 2.5.

    > OEM Form Fit that I have never used.
    > ProClip Holster - Just got and will give it a week.
    > Covertec Form Fit

    When I first got my Treo I just carried it in my front pocket for the first two plus weeks. It seemed to be fine with a screen protector.

    I got the holster since I had a StarTAC for four years and a 7135 for 18 months before my Treo and always used the Holster for these. I think I will stay with it as I have the ProClip mount (from the 7135 which does ok holding the Treo) in my vehicle and it is a pain to take it in/out of the case all the time for this. Also have cradles at home and at work and the cases do not fit there either. The old Vaja case for my Palm V was the best as it fit into the cradle.

    I have the covertec on its way as the belt clip is removable and would go in the front pocket if I wanted to carry it in a case at times (on vacations where I do not have the cradle or car mount around).
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    I use a Piel Frama leather case, with no screen protector. I also use an IPOD 3G case to slide my Treo into when I don't want to have to fumble with a full sized wrap around case.

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    Just my pants pocket with a Boxwave screen protector. I personally would rather go through the trouble of getting a replacement if I dropped and broke it, rather than deal with a case every day.
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    Covertec horizontal case -- voted as side-loading pouch. W/ eGrips wrapback and screen protector from TreoCentral (same as Boxwave, I think), my invaluable communications/productivity tool is well protected!
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    Bellagio open front case most of the time, Krusell flip for travel (hold SD cards), Handspring from fitting for work around the yard, Handspring slip case occasionally...
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    I go back and forth between my Piel Frama, ProClip holster, and caseless. It really depends on the mood I'm in.

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