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    After reading all the pundits in this forum (great stuff) I wonder if anyone has an answer for this... I have an original ATT GSM charter plan; e.g. $99/month unlimited voice minutes. Question here is, if I was able to cancel the absolute ripoff fees of 8MB for $19.95 would they simply ding me for data (no data plan attached to phone) with voice minutes? If so, well I have a real good situation, seems like the loophole is too good to be true. Any insight out there?
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    From my understanding, if you cancel your "ripoff" data plan then you'll either have no data service, or be billed at EXTREME ripoff rates that'll make the old ripoff rate look like a walk in the park. You cannot use voice minutes for data, at least on GSM phones. The phone sends data with GPRS, which is not a voice connection. You can talk on the phone and have a GPRS connection simultaneously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tritium
    You cannot use voice minutes for data, at least on GSM phones.
    That is not necessarily true. GSM phones can use CSD (circuit switched data), that use voice minutes rather than GPRS. Two caveats are that 1) your provider has to support it (I don't know if AT&T does) and 2) the speed is about 9600 whereas GPRS is 56k. If you thought GPRS can be slow, it is lightning fast compared to CSD.
    Hope this helps!
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    ATTWS does NOT support CSD. I wasted a lot of time trying to get a dialup connection to work before doing the research and finding out that CSD was not supported.

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