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    Sometimes, clips I record with Soundrec are so distorted, I cannot understand a thing. Other times, they're fine. Playback volume is set to 5. Recording volume is set to 3. And Sound Quality is set to 26 khz. I am saving to my SD card, which is Lexar 256mb. Any suggestions?
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    When saving to the SD card, the card is slower than Ram (even the fastest card).

    Either save to ram and move to the card or lower the quality from 26 to 8. That works for me and is ok quality for my needs.
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    i get bad distortion on playbacks as well. anybody know a solution to soften or clarify soundrec playback? ryanrife?
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    Quote Originally Posted by treobk214
    i get bad distortion on playbacks as well. anybody know a solution to soften or clarify soundrec playback? ryanrife?
    The app developer recommended in a previous post setting sound q to 20 khz . see recording prefs. this may help somewhat, however there is a total distortion problem when trying to record within a moving car.
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    I've always found that turning the record level down from 3 to 2 was necessary for my Treo600. The record level is just fine at 2 (for my Treo600).

    I record to my SD card (a 1GB Panasonic) at 16Khz, which is actually more than enough considering what I'm recording .

    Bill S
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    thanks a lot guys! im going to change the settings and give it another go this week.
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    I have found out there are some issues with the latest version of soundrec. One of them being the sound is distorted when recorded directly onto sd card. I went back to the second newest version and it works fine.
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    I am having the same trouble, especially in a moving car. I also noticed the same distortion (more of a snap, crackle, pop deal, like rice crispies on roids) when trying to record a speaker (home stereo) problem I was trying to share with a friend to diagnose--had the speaker that I was recording pretty low, but I couldn't get it quiet enough to not distort.

    Seems like it's an ambient noise issue?

    Jayzee, where can I find the previous version. Thanks!
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    Under the download section towards the bottom of the page:
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    I have the same issue.. works great when not in moving car.. when car is moving I get loud cracking - pop sounds.
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    Jayzee (or anyone), I don't see any description of the difference between 1.05 and 1.051 (the most current, which I have). I will try 1.04 when I get home tonight, unless anyone else suggests they've had luck doing something different.

    Overall, I like the app, it's just important to be able to record in the car.

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    thanks for the prefs changes, my sound rec works much if only someone could tell me why my movie rec with sound only stores 15 seconds of footage.
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    You've probably already thought of this, but remember that movierec stores to memory first then moves to the card, so you have to have enough free memory to hold the amount of video you wish you record. I keep about 10MB free at all times and have been able to record a good 30 seconds or so.
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    did anyone confirm earlier versions don't have the crackling when recording in the car... which version do you recommend?
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    I'm experiencing the same problem in a car -- it's too distorted. Is there any fix for this on it's way that you know of? I LOVE this product otherwise, and would prefer to not have to try something else if there is hope. Thanks to infinityball for this product and please reply to this so we know where it stands in terms of a fix. What a GREAT product otherwise!
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    I actually been using mVoice (like it's simple interface) but I also have been experiencing the same issue in the car. I just downloaded PAR and SoundRecord and was going to give it a try in the car today but from what I am reading it sounds like this issue may be related more to the Treo600 and how it records, I think both SoundRec. and mVoice developers needs to have a different setup for recording in a moving car that has a lot more ambient noise.
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    Would you please update us on the results of your testing with those other products in your car? It unbelievable to me that this phone does not include a super product for this out of the box. My old Kyocera 6035 did a GREAT job at this... It also had a super way to find contacts by entering any information you wanted and doing a search/find. The contact manager in the Treo is such a step backward. I'm also finding the phone quality to be awful (I have Verizon and always did with my 6035). I went from a tri mode to this all digital and I often can barely hear the person on the other end. Either I have a bad phone, the digital service is somehow not as good when used with something other than a tri-mode, or the Treo is not too great. There are lots of things l do like, but it's really not an overwhelming upgrade considering the price of the phone and the data service. Overall I had to say I'm disappointed. Snappermail is a nice improvement to my Eudora, however! But I could have put that on my Kyocera had I wanted to in the past...
    Thanks for your help researching sound recorders.
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    MacInfo (or anyone else) how was PAR?
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    w/ the New Treo Upate...the Voice Quality is much clearer!
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    In the last post Sabanum said "w/ the New Treo Upate...the Voice Quality is much clearer!"

    Which update is that?
    "This space intentionally left blank."
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