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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabanum
    w/ the New Treo Upate...the Voice Quality is much clearer!
    I've had the latest update since its release. Trust me , it does nothing to improve sound rec in a moving car.
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    I accidentally deleted a soundrecording from soundrec on the SD card that I really want to recover. Any ideas if/how to do that if it was on the card? HELP!
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    When I use Soundrec or mVoice, the playback is always through the speaker in the back of the phone, for the world to hear. Anyone else have this problem? I simply want it to playback in the ear speaker in the front of the phone (where I put my ear).

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    HARJman, you need audio headphones. Someone else could explain why I bet, but basically the phone earpieces only work for the phone function.
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    OK thanks, at least I know it's not only my Treo
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    Quote Originally Posted by HARJman
    OK thanks, at least I know it's not only my Treo
    No you have company. Mines makes the distorted recordings inside, outside, etc.

    Has anyone had any progress in resolving this probem? I don't know if it is the speaker, etc. Just tested the Sound Record app and it works fine so it's not the unit.

    Aside from a replacement or an upgrade to the T650, what other recourse is there? (may try and reload the app)
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    Quote Originally Posted by WildHare
    MacInfo (or anyone else) how was PAR?
    Sorry for the long DELAY in giving any updates on this matter. I basically more or less gave up on trying to record in the car. I have found that none of the current sound recording applications including Audacity Pro (which actually gave me the best quality but was still distorted) really give you any different results in quality when it comes to recording in a moving car. Unless someone has found something else, I would have to say the Treo 600 and recording sound in a moving car is USELESS. I used to use a Kyocera 7135 and used to record my thoughts and messages in a moving car ALL the time and not once did I have any recording issues.

    Oh well.
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