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    1. Does it exist? Page 4 of Verizon's quick reference guide mentions it, sales rep said it was not available.

    2. Pros & cons other than camera and no camera. Some places and businesses (ie court rooms) do not allow cameras and the camera thats included leaves much to be desired. Any advantages of not having a camera (size, weight, battery life, memory available, etc.???)?

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    Heh, Ironically enough, earlier this afternoon I posted a nearly identical thread in the sprint/vzw forum asking when it would be out! Anyone know?

    Yes, it exists. My rep was told it would be out for VZW by the end of the month, which is today. Soon, I hope? Not like they haven't broken dates like this in the past... It will almost certainly be priced the same as the camera version. The camera itself is so small and light and doesn't use power unless it's actually "on", so there will likely be no pros to not having it, other than not having it. (Which is the biggest pro of all for me, since any camera at all would get me arrested!)
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    You can go to
    I got mine last week.. I was told they are not in the stores yet but are available through your rep or online.
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    Where are they listed on the website? I've been looking almost daily and have only seen the camera version. My rep told me just yesterday that they're not availible yet.
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    Verizon finally released them today! Ordered one through my B2E contact; got a small discount for being a government employee at least But, like everything government, I have extra paperwork to fill out now...

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