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    I'm a relatively new Treo user, and I recently added a memory card to my 600. Is there something special I have to do to download photos from that card to my computer via Hotsync? It only downloads the ones saved to the Treo, but not the ones on the memory card. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    There are two main options;

    first use a program such as Palmfilebrowser (free), to be able to move file to and from your treo and PC. Download from

    Or buy a card reader
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    Are there any other options? I have no trouble downloading from my Treo itself, just from the smart card plugged into it.
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    Go back to Pictures on your Treo. On the top right you can pic your SD card to read from. Go to the list view. Once all the pictures show up, pick the ones you want to copy then hit the menu button and select 'move' in the menu. It will actually add a 'copy' button after you select it. Just pick where you wanna copy then hit 'copy'. Now just perform a hotsync and you're done.
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    You won't regret buying a cardreader. HotSync is soooooooooooo slow that even a cheapskate like me bought one.

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    FYI...I have this Palm App called Great to View Pic's on the SD Card...
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    I have a vaguely related question and thought I'd post it here. I noticed that when I hotsync, it syncs my photos to palm desktop, and I can see the photos in my external card too. The only problem is, if I delete a photo from my handheld, it deletes it from the palm desktop. Is there any way to use palm desktop as a storage space for my photos, or I need to further copy them from palm desktop to the pictures file on my computer? A silly question I guess, but I was wondering. And I checked hotsync customization, and there wasn't anything photo specific to change around. Thanks.

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