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    Well I finally got around to buying an SD card. I decided to go with a 256MB Ultra II. While apparently the card eject problem has been helped by Revision C Hardware (from what I read here), I still find it annoying that many time when I reach into my pocket my finger pushes the card and it does the half eject.

    So here is my short journey on sanding the card to fit snugly in my treo 600, as well as giving the top of the card the same look as the treo.

    Items Used:

    an Emory Board - to file the card down.
    a Dremel - to file down the blank insert card.
    Cement for Plastic Models - to glue the two together.
    1 Blank Card Insert (I had a spare from one of my many Warrenty returns)

    So here we have the Treo 600 with the memory card inserted, and sticking out a bit. Notice the height difference between the card and the blank insert.

    the little indent on the top of the card is where I needed to file it down to, so the card was recessed from the top of the treo.

    Next i had to cut down the blank card insert that came with the treo, so I could use the top to cover the top of the SD card.

    Then simply glue the two together, and you now have a stock looking treo.

    Now compare....
    (The Image on the left contains a blank card insert. Image on right contains the modified SD card)
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    Apparently this board doesnt use image tags they way other forums do. Moderators, feel free to edit.
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    That's pretty cool - I've thought about just shaving down a SD card - why not just do that?
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    I just sanded my SD card a bit with an emery boary-no need to transplant a piece of the blank card.
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    Yeah, I sanded mine down and applied black nail polish. I found that sanding parallel with the seam is important, because when you sand perpendicular to the seam you can open the card up, which I did, but didn't hurt the card. I just put it back together.
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    Thanks - that's exactly what I'm going to do

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