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    I realize the rtfm (f for fine of course) is in english but my brain says do I really don't want to do what the treo books says to do.

    I just got the treo and figure I will like it and keep it (for two yrs thanks to at&t's special $149 after rebate offer) but I do have palm T3 pda that I may wish to keep around for a bit. The manuals says, on page 128 (upgrading from another palm device) to do following:
    #1) hot sync old pda
    #2) install treo cd software
    #3) hot sync treo and select user name from old device
    #4) do a hard reset of t3 to remove its user name
    #5) next time I sync the t3 give it a new user name

    Questions #@$%? -
    #1) I sort of like my t3 how it is and do not wish to blow away all the apps I have on it nor the data files. I do not know that I will desire to keep data of both in sync (but it may be nice to setup a catalog called 'work' for things I post on the t3 so I could copy them over to the treo...just not sure how).

    #2) I believe the treo has 24 mg of memory the user can use (actually a bit less it appear). Even with that much memory I won't want all my apps I have on the T3 to attempt to be installed on the treo.

    #3) I just want to move my address book, calendar, tasks, and memos over to the treo from the would be nice if it remembered what catalog I had each it in but I'm sure that won't happen.

    Could really using a helping hand if anyone has the time and know how.
    thanks much

    p.s. if u should know anything else that I failed to ask concerning the above feel free to toss that info in as well. I use outlook 2002. at work we are going to get outlook/exchange....changing over from novel groupwise but won't sync it with the work pc though I do have intellisync so it might be nice to put some files on the treo or memory card.

    p.s.s. so how is the battery life if i leave the wireless( feature) on all the time and just use the pda part as a pda (no really mp3 file playing though webacess I'm sure...just have not done that part yet).

    dam....forgot, what r the best treo formatted web sites.
    ok, I'm done for now honest...oops does treocentral have a 'everything you want to know about the treo 600' post somewhere? it was referenced on a different post but I cannot find it. maybe that is just the sites tag line ?
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    I also migrated from a T3 to a Treo 600.
    Lots of drama.
    You will not be able to have the two devices sharing the same name and hotsyncing. Don't try - it makes a BIG mess. Also, the best thing for me was to re-install all of the applications again (yes, It was a pain to re-load all of the register codes but it made for a clean install without T3 specific files accidentally getting put onto the Treo 600).

    Uninstall the T3 desktop (save the user space somewhere where it will not get hurt) and install the Treo desktop.

    I transferred the data from the T3 to the Treo becuase the "automatic way" didn't seem to work. The PIM applications on the T3 were newer than the Treo's and weren't perfectly compatible.

    First of all, in the contacts - you are going to lose the birthday field. So you'll want to make note of those and put them back into the calendar. Send them over via Infra Red one category at a time - that seemed to work.

    In calendar - the Treo software doesn't support categories like the T3 did. I had to load a pretty "dumbed down" version of the calendar from Chapura to be able to see the calendar categories again.

    NotePad - forget it. No easy sketching - but there are other applications out there that will do it.

    Memo Pad - I sent them over a category at a time (via Infra Red)

    To Do's. I don't really use this, so I can't comment (I put everything in the calendar).

    Some applications that take advantage of the T3's graphics might have alternate versions that you'll have to load for the 160x160 graphics.

    If you use Kinoma, all of your nice Videos will need to get reformatted.
    If you use the Picture program in the T3, all of those pictures will need to get reformatted.


    It is kind of a pain (as one experiences in any transition from newer version to older version software), but rest assured it is worthwhile.

    I only hope they make it a smooth path when I eventually upgrade to the next version of the Treo

    Good Luck, be patient - you are going to LOVE your Treo.
    I sold my T3. Don't need it anymore!
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    get ready for a very nice wireless experience with your treo 600! there are many awesome software discoveries to be made yet and each one enhances your treo significantly.
    you will be able to personally customize your new treo whether it be via new ringtones, treo websites, mp3 apps, browsers, etc.
    and on top of it all, you have an invaluable treo info resource -!! its a fantastic device! welcome to the community!!!
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    I'm so glad I went Treo 600 instead of Tungsten T3. The extra battery life cancels out the fact I only have 1/6th the screen real estate as Tungsten T3. I'm sure it might take some time for u to get used to, but I had no problems going from Tungsten T to Treo 600.

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