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    I plan to get one, any current owner? WHat site do you recommend?
    SFMOBILE is cheapest thus far at $160
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    It works OK, but I get comments that I sound distant and some have heard an echo. I will never know for sure, but the female connector seems to have gotten buggered up as a result of the handsfree.
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    See this thread.

    It works extremely well and also allows for MP3 playback.
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    we have had mixed results with 2 PalmOne (THB) car kits. Both installed easily enough, but they are large and klutzy. Both seem to cause extreme echo effects on Cingulars GSM network ( is it the network or the phone/mount ?? ) In one older Ford Explorer, the normal vehicle noise (yeah, it's a Ford ) drowns out the built in speaker. The third kit we bought has not even been installed, as the owner of that Treo600 did not want to even fool with it after the experiences of the other two.

    So, from our experiences only.....we would not recommend the THB mounts sold by PalmOne. They make a great charger though ;-}
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    For handsfree I use a $50 Belkin FM transmitter to play audio through my car stereo. the T600 mic picks up my voice. sounds reasonably clear on the other end, though not as good as w/my earpiece/mic.
    My Treo rocks!

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