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    Okay, I feel really stupid asking this question but it's an area that I haven't explored much...
    How do I transfer songs from cd's on to my computer and than create MP3's out of them?
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    Get great
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    Thanks! I'll have a look.
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    A lot of information can be found by doing a search as I'm sure you know. Here's a list of software that can do what you want.


    I personally use EAC (ripping CD to wav) with lame (mp3 encoder), but I don't recommend it for anyone that doesn't want to figure out how to configure it properly. Many have recommended the others that I've listed.
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    CDEX works for me.....
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    Thanks guys!
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    Thanks for the help. I downloaded dBpowerAmp and it is real easy to use. I than used Power MP3 Cutter to cut out the section of the songs that I want to use as ringtones.

    Thanks again!
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