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    Does anyone make a fast 1gb SD card yet? I have a 500MB Sandisk Ultra II SD and I love it but I need more space.

    I would appreciate any help that you could provide.

    Bill H.
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    Transcend 45X
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    As does Panasonic, which does 10MB/Sec both read and write. I think that's 60X.

    But the Treo600 won't go nearly that fast. It does go faster than the slow cards, but not as fast as the fast cards. The Panasonic 1GB screams in a fast card reader hooked up to my Mac. The reader uses a firewire link, and can read or write a full gigabyte in a couple of minutes.

    The Panasonic is a fortune though. (I got mine almost two months ago, when there were only a few dozen in the whole country, and it cost me almost as much as my whole Treo600, at $370).

    There are a number of 1GB SD cards just showing up now, in the past week, that are supposed to be fast, and are a LOT cheaper, in the $150-$200 range as I recall.

    Bill S
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    #4 i have found this 60X 1GB card but cant find one in too many places. saw a $299 one at some website. thought id let ya know

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