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    I will be travelling from the US to England and Spain in September and I'll need to charge my T600 while I'm there. What do I need to be able to charge it? I usually take the travel charger when I'm on the road, but I'm not sure if it'll work internationally with a generic international plug adapter set.

    Can anyone provide me some insight?

    BTW, I know the wireless CDMA stuff won't work, but I still want to use for other apps.

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    Ben through Germany, Turkey and Portugal with the standard power supply and the appropriate adapter for the country...all was fine.
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    This goes for any device:

    Look at the AC/DC adapter. If it says "110-240VAC 50-60Hz" then it will work in pretty much every AC outlet in the world, if you have the right adapter plug Darn near all do anymore.

    Beware the "shavers only" outlets in bathrooms in many nations- they're often designed that US plugs can plug into them, but by code, they're highly limited in current output. I figured it would be OK for my Palm Vx, but I still had serious problems charging it on the shaver outlets.

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