I have had my device since March 2004/T-Mobile. No problems with speakphone as far as I can tell except that I think having it in my Krusell leather and plastic case when I speak degrades. http://www.krusell.se/product.php?s=...p=&product=932

Speaking of speakerphones, I recently purchased a Radio Shack cordless/answer machine combo which allows for a total of 4 handset stations (the base + 3). Each handset has speakerphone, adjustable sound, caller id, message retrieval, etc. I placed a hands-off call the other day in speakerphone mode. I told the other party I was in speakerphone mode and asked if I could be heard okay. They indicated the call was extremely clear and could not tell I was on cordless speakerphone. I add, it was clear at my end too. Robert in Austin, Texas