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    After searching, I am still confused about if anyone found a fix for Pickem's nasty side effect of causing orange tinted pictures... I know about deleting and soft reset (which did not work for me)... anything else ? Is camera test effective?
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    hest , im a pickem freak a friend at work told me about this software and i hated for people to see that i had sprint pcs as a email service and it is very unreagetable that the developer abandoned this s/w he could have made some real money, when i first downloaded this software it took a while to figure out sprint pcs smtp server situation, finally after 2 and a half month i finally found the culprit on sprint there are three passwords the key word is ***VISION EMAIL PASSWORD*** alot of people may think that this is you vision password well its NOT it is the third password that a lot of people dont know sprint also requires you to use there smtp servers for out going mail,any way back to your problem the orange effect maybe because of the enclosed situation with regular light bulbs and outside light is a lot better to an extent, just a thought.

    pic 23and21 indoor regular ge 60 watt
    pickem pics2 office type lighting.
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