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    Hi, when I tried out Bigtime, it seemed to install like 10 other apps. I deleted BigTime since I wasn't happy with it, and also deleted Booster, that came with it. I'm not sure what other files were put in my Treo when I installed that program. Can someone tell me how to delete anything else leftover - files or programs as a whole?

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    BTW I should say I have just deleted:

    BasicIngots-BASI.prc 117 KB
    DataCommIngots.prc 85 KB
    EnhancedIngots-ENHI.prc 105 KB
    MultimediaIngots-ML.prc 22 KB

    Can I delete CSMTSave (Chessmate save file, right?)

    I have a few more weird programs there, but I guess I'll post for help with those later....

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