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    I have been playing around with installing lots of new apps lately and I wish there were a way to only install the new file that I have waiting, and not go through the whole sync procedure. I know that I can go in and change the settings on each individual other thing to be 'do nothing' but it seems to me that it should be automatic.. if there is something waiting to install, JUST install it.. or an option to right-click on hotsync and pick an 'install only' item.

    Any thoughts?
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    Download palm install (pinstall) off of palmgear. It only installs, no syncing. It's fast and it's free.
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    Just start a hotsync and hit Cancel when the install starts. Don't worry, I've been doing this for years. Hotsync exits gracefully after finishing the current portion of the sync process. That's why you can actually hit Cancel while it is insta
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    The install tool doesn't seem to work, I tried it over the weekend.

    Hitting cancel.. hmm, ok I'll give that a go, seems a kludge, but oh well =)


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