Hi there, I am wanting to set up two mail accounts...specifically I want to sync with my desktop at work (Lotus Notes, using Easy Sync) and one for my home e-mail Bellsouth POP3 account (which I would send and retrieve wirelessly)...I have the Bellsouth account set up and working just fine (using my t-mobile service providers smtp server for outgoing)...but I am at a loss figuring out how to get another mail account set up that can be the home of my work e-mail which I would have to sync using easy sync at work...my to do list syncs just fine, my calendar syncs just fine, my contacts sync just fine, but when it tries to sync my mail, it goes through the motion of what appears to be trying to synchornize my RsMailDP file on my treo ("synchronizing RsMailDB" appears on my treo's screen), reads the notes data (status on easy sync shows that it has read like 192 records), prepares the sync, and then barfs with a mesage that says:

"requested database, record, resource not found. Run all the applications at least once in the device and try again" [ok] then says: "synchronization aborted due to errors" [OK]

I can see that the RSMailDP file actually exists on my treo, I have no idea wahts in it, I feel pretty sure I have run all the applications because I use to do, calendar, contacts, and i am already sending mail wirelessly to my Bellsouth account...I just don't understand enough to figure out how to have what I want, which is two separate mail accounts (one desktop synced, one wireless POP3)

can anyone help?