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    I had been wondering for some time now how easy/difficult it might be to get to view my DVD movies on my Treo 600...

    I finally found the answer here...

    Cheers, W.
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    How big in MB is a full DVD when saved to your SD card?
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    Only 80MB! Amazing...

    Cheers, W.
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    If you're looking for a free alternative to Pocket-DVD Studio, and have some patience:
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    pocket dvd is great. a couple of things though:

    you can select how large the file will be. the larger the better.
    it isn't like dvdshrink. you tell pocket dvd which chapter (probably not the best word)you want (usually the longest), it doesn't convert the hole dvd in one shot.
    if you also have a ppc, you will need to get the ppc version of pocket ppc.
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    I haven't tried it yet, but that looks awesome. In my mind, watching movies on a PDA is one of the most underutilized potentials of the device. Anything that makes the process easier is a step in the right direction, and the instructions make it look pretty easy.
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    I agree...but at just under $50, I think I'll keep taking my laptop on my trips. I've got a 10 minute commute to work (car) and don't travel out of town that often. So while I don't have a big need for movies on the go, it would be nice to have, but not for $47.
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    This is way cool. I can't believe how easy it was to convert the trailer for The Italian Job. Took about 60 seconds or so to convert a two minute trailer. I have a 3.0 ghz system overclocked to 3.3 ghz. It played beautifully on my Treo with a couple of split second hangs. Can't wait to have an ACE so that I can do 320x176. And with a faster processor hopefully it will have absolutely no hangs.
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    Just out of you guys actually enjoy watching movies on such a tiny, low-res screen or are you just doing this for the "wow factor?"

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    For me, it depends on the movie. For "experience" movies, no. But for light comedies or drama or other movies that tell more of a story, than the little window is just as good as a giant screen
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    Definitely the wow factor for now. But if I could get a tool that could just as easily convert stuff off of my replay tv, then I could definitely see myself using it to watch the West Wing while riding the train or something to that effect.
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    Some really interesting comments - thanks!

    I agree that one of the difficulties is to think of appropriate 'scenarios' under which movies or other filmed entertainment makes sense on your Treo and the value that one might be willing to attach to it (ie. is it really worth $50).

    I don't have all the answers as we are _all_ just getting started here - very early days. However, one scenario that I can begin to play in my mind is when I decide to as we had previously suggested 'Leave my Laptop Behind'... In this situation where I don't have to carry my 3kg laptop with the big screen and built-in DVD player then yes I can very well see the value of carrying a couple of movies with me on my Treo (and put up with a slightly deteriorated experience).

    As Tommy points out, 100% agree that "Anything that makes the process easier is a step in the right direction".

    Anybody else have a 'scenario' they think would fit the bill?

    Cheers, W.
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    Videos on the Treo is handy, but I find only for TV shows really. It's nice to watch episodes of the simpsons in 160x160 while you're bored. Movies I would want widescreen and 160x100 or so is pretty small and crappy...not worth it.
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    I'm taking a trip to Italy soon, and I just bought an Archos AV400 for this kind of stuff. It's really nice! I've been filling it up with DVDs and movies/TV shows I've TiVO'd. While convergence devices such as the Treo are great, something always has to get sacrificed. I for one will be carrying my GBA, iPod, Archos, digi cam, and camcorder instead of the Treo on this one. I actually would have taken my Treo if it was GSM, but no regrets going with Sprint.
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    What's the easiest way to convert existing .avi and .mpg files to Palm-sized files? Neither VirtualDub nor Premier work right with variable bitrate audio files or my ReplayTV mpegs, and aside from the 1/2 size filter, I can't get virtual dub to resize anything right

    I know convuluted round-about procedures to get the job done, but if I'm going to be doing this all the time, I really just want a single-click-and-let-it-go functionality.
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    I'm trying to use Pocket-DVD, appears to go good for approximately 20-30 minutes then it suddenly aborts with no reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nonstop
    I'm trying to use Pocket-DVD, appears to go good for approximately 20-30 minutes then it suddenly aborts with no reason.
    The demo is timebombed to do precisely that; you have to buy the full version.
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    Actually, I'm good with that. I just don't like MMPlayer putting up a continuous ad after 1 second of play that essentially blocks out the screen. I wouldn't mind the ad blocking every 10 seconds but not continuously. It is hard to judge how the video will appear with only 1 sec of clean screen.

    Unless they are willing to take returns, I need a better demo version.
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    Yes, totally agree with you it's a bit silly on the part of the MMPlayer people to put a demo out that cannot be properly be demoed... I also hope that they'll make some improvements on this front... makes it hard to make a buying decision...

    Cheers, W.
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    I recommend DrDivx ( to convert to avi format (but it will set you back $50...).

    Cheers, W.
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