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    I need to know how to clean up my Treo. I have added and deleated programs, tried out programs, etc. I think I have files on my Treo that I do not need, that I could remove. How do I know which ones I can remove? Is there a list somewhere?


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    i would do the following: (and some may not agree)

    1. make a copy of your handspring backup folder on the pc you sync with
    2. delete everything out of the handspring backup folder (not the copied one)
    - this way when you hard reset, the old stuff will not resync
    3. hard reset your treo
    4. install uninstall manager
    4. install the apps that you want to run one by one

    note: this may take some time but it's well worth it
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    I agree with dpwaters. I have done it twice since Nov. As previously mentioned, the first application I install is Uninstall Manager. I then install Cleanup and Botzam Backup.
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