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    Hi All,

    The factory replacement batteries are not easily available in Australia and I don't want to wait for a battery to ship from the US.

    I have seen references in the forums to people using the Nokia BL-5C battery in a Treo 270.

    Has anyone actually done this and seen it working. I have just tried to fit one and it doesn't seem to work.

    I cut the red/black wires from the orignial battery and soldered them to the +/- contact points of the Bl-5C. I'm wondering if I actually have to bring the circuitry accross as well.


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    It won't work properly if you don't attach the original protection circuit to BL-5C. Please refer to these sites if you want to know how to attach BL-5C to a PDA.
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    Thanks for the links.

    I now have it working fine and back together.

    Word of warning for those who wish to install the nokia batery, it is BIGGER than the handspring one. The BL-5C is the same size as the handspring with the circuit board. Once you add the circuit board to the nokia it is too big.

    I had to extend the existing plug leads and add leads between the battery and the board. Now the board sits between the Wavcom module and the rocker switch.

    Little squeeze to fit the cover back on, but it seems to work fine.


    Anthony Richardson
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    how is the performance of the BL-5C battery compared to your old one? How long does it last and at what brightness level do you run? Also, have you managed to take apart the top part of the BL-5C? Is there a built in protection circuit inside, between the external contacts and the lithium ion cell?
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    I haven't really tested the performance. I gave it a good charge and will now see how long it lasts with a recharge.

    I didn't make any modification to the BL-5C ... just soldered the existing treo circuitry to the contacts on the battery. Not sure if there is any circuitry in the BL-5C ... nothing was obvious as it was well sealed.
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    the battery appears to work about the same as the original handspring battery. Which for me is about 2 and bit full days.

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