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    I am not sure if I have something going on here that is not right.

    I just purchased my TREO 600 from AT&T. It is brand new ( one day ). It has the latest firmware. I am concerned because when I plug it in to charge, it doesn't seem to charge at all.

    The wall plug charger that came with my TREO is not square as I have seen in the pictures but instead it is narrow and oblong. It is a Motorola "I.T.E. Power Supply" part no. 14-0028-01 w. output of 5.2v at 1.0A. The Model Number says that it is a: MU12-1052100-A1 and it was just thrown into my TREO box. It had obviously been used before. Is this the right power supply for my TREO.

    I just had it "charging" for two hours w/o any increase in % of battery strength. I get no blinking light contrary to what the manual says that I should get.

    Now if I turn the TREO 600 "on" , the green light begins to blink, however, I'm still not sure if it is charging.

    What do you think? Do I have the right power supply??

    Thanks in advance.
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    You know...if you bought that Treo 600 brand new at AT&T and anything in the box looks like it is used, let them replace either that part or the whole damn package! AT&T tries some questionable things to get every dollar out of the customer...yet they turn right around and lie right to us. They needed a buyer (Cingular) not do to a lack of customer interest in their phones, or bad price plans, but because they treat people like crap then blame them for putting up a stink. Return it if it isn't what it should have been...

    BTW, my charger is narrow as well...but it looks new at least and it does charge the Treo.
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    I had a dead cord with my replacement 600 last month. Just took it back to the store and they gave me another one that works fine. Mine is narrow as well.
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    You have the right charger based on the part no. It is narrow as the other previous posters confirmed.

    You either have a bad charger connector or the port of your treo has a problem. If you could hot sync reliably then it is your charger.

    How long have you had your phone without charging? It could also be a bad circuit inside the phone that monitors your battery charge level.

    In any case, bring your whole set back to the store where you bought it and have it replaced. Test everything again before you leave the store.
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    The charger that came with my AT&T Treo died after about a month, so I would bet the charger is defective.
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    Also, BTW, when you are charging you will see the lightning bolt across the battery and when you click the battery icon, it should say: Battery: xx% charging.
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    Thanks everyone ... khornet93 and ScottyMoMo were absolutely "on target" with the "dead A/C charger" pointer. Took it back to AT&T and swapped it out for another and all is fine now.


    KalaZano in Florida

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