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    Just got my T600 hooked and I can confirm that you don't need any of the data plans to access the web through the Verizon system. Here are my questions.

    1. How do I link my Key Contacts application (ver 3.0) with the "Contacts" arrow down selection in the phone screen? The preferences button menu doesn't seem to address this. My work around so far has been to assign a favorites button to Key Contacts and use its Tap Dialing feature.

    2. When I attempt to edit a favorite button (I am in the "Edit Favorite" screen), I am unable to enter or change any of the data. What am I doing wrong?

    3. Where can I see what the firmware is and what is the current firmware for the Verizon phone? It does not appear in the "Phone Into" screen.

    4. How do I know if a web site has been formatted for handheld viewing (where can I search for this?) or is there some software that would format any site to be viewed on a handheld?

    5. I usually view my att worldnet email (POP3) on my home pc on outlook 03. Occasionally I view the email on the road directly form the worldnet site. What's the best way, without using any data plans, to access my email? I can get on the worldnet site, but it is unwieldly. Would snappermail help here at all?

    Thank you. I searched for some of these topics without success.
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    you don't need to purchase a separate data plan to access the internet w/ VZW?

    that's cool...
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    Can you explain what you mean by not needing verizon's data plan to access the internet? I was first told it would just cost me minutes, now I am being told that it's $24.95 for 5MB per month or $44.95 for unlimited use. Please explain. Thank you!
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    I have and have had Verizon's America's Choice Family Plan (1200 minutes). There is a lot of confusion at Verizon including their data tech specialists who have given me conflicting information. The bottom line is, and this has been confirmed by other posters in this forum, that you can access the web without buying any Verizon data plan. Here are the watchouts.

    1. You will use your voice minutes (unless you surf on nights or weekends when the unlimited free time kicks in).

    2. You need to be carefull to disconnect or you will continue to consume minutes. To disconnect, go to preferences/network and hit disconnect. I set it up as a favorite so I could get to it easily. I think you could also turn off the your wireless connection, but that would also turn your phone off, and then you need to turn it back on if you wanted a phone connection without the internet.

    3. You will obviously not get the same speed as you would with one of their data plans.

    But for the occasional user it beats paying $25 or $45 additional each month. I would recommend trying it without their data plan. You can always add it later.

    Any answers to my questions?
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    Caveat: I'm not a Verizon customer. Question: Are you sure you don't get the same speed as if you have a data plan?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericdfairchild
    Caveat: I'm not a Verizon customer. Question: Are you sure you don't get the same speed as if you have a data plan?
    It's the same speed, and same network mode (NA) (144kbps max, far less for a typical connection), as with the data plans. The only difference is the billing. It's called NA-MOU; National Access, Minutes of Use.

    There was initially a LOT of confusion and bickering and panicking as people with NA-MOU suddenly found themselves with thousands of minutes charged to their bills, and every verizon rep gives a different story... It appears now that much of the problem was that people didn't know they had to manually disconnect from the network, or they kept being charged airtime, even though the network was in standby mode! So people were getting charged basically 24/7 and it just killed their minute plans. (Everyone I've heard of with this problem has gotten verizon to fix their bills, btw).

    With the 5mb and unlimited plans, you can stay connected all the time and it doesn't charge minutes; with MOU, you've got to disconnect. I certainly hope this is just a bug in their system and it will be fixed... but I doubt it, as it will be far too lucrative for them.
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    Thanks for the clarification on the speed. Since I don't have the data plan I have no basis for comparison. I assumed that they would give you faster connection speed since you are paying for it. Also, I found the connection a bit slow on the voice plan. One more reason not to buy Verizon's data plan.

    Anyway, any answers to my questions? Thanks.
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    I actually was using minutes for the first day(seemed very slow) then switched to the 5mb plan and it definitely seemed faster. You can always add it and then remove it, if you don't like it

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