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    I have the problem that I cannot hear anything on the first 10 or 20 seconds when I receive calls, this started long ago, (I just recently fixed my flipper and noticed that the magnet on the left side of the speaker was kind of tilted towards the left, I dont know if this is somehow related) I don't know what is causing hearing problem!!!

    I dont know if it is a software issue, or if some metallic material inside the speaker needs time to Warm Up, or if the magnet needs to be changed, I dont have an idea of what's causing that problem. (I dont think the cables are loose because they seem to be fine) I dont think its reception either because even if i move to get a stronget signal it doesnt seem to get better.

    I hate not being able to hear anything!!! I could really really use some help!! Any Ideas??? Thank you!!!
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    ...this is exactly the same, i experienced with my treo 180. during the warranty period i exchanged the hardware three times because the speaker did not work anymore. i think this problem is due to the lid and a loose connection from opening and closing again. and this is the reason, why i upgraded to treo 600, which i can recommend to you as well. it has been a good decision to do so
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    Yes, I could fix it some days ago, but now i'm thinking that it should be a lot better to upgrade to 600. Thanks.
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    Hello, I have the same problem, tell me how do you fixed.

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    My Treo 270 kept cutting out and was the worse in the first 10 seconds or so. The only way I could have a conversation was to put the phone on speakerphone mode as soon as I answered or received a call. I checked the wiring and all seemed I took the 270 mainboard out and put in an old 180 board I've never used. The 180 board is working great with no problems so I've got believe the issue is that the radio is going out on the phone. It sucks not having color and shorter battery life but at least my Treo is still usable.

    William Hungerford
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    I had the same problem and couldn't figure out if it was a hardware or a softare issue. Tried using a handfree and that sorted it out. Maybe, it was something to do with hardware.
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    Chances are it's the cheap wire that is used going from the speaker to the handheld... there was a guild on this site a while back on how to fix this problem. Search this forum and you'll find it!



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