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    For those of you who have been asking, we have just secured the domain

    This will be the location of our Treo/Macintosh site. We will begin working on the site in the coming weeks. We expect the site to be completed by September 1st.

    I appreciate all the offers of help. (We may take some of you up on it!)

    So, look for us soon.

    Tony Ricciardi
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    Sounds great! Looking forward to it.
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    champagne and cigars anyone?
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    I really would like to help. Can you email me some details.
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    AWESOME, I'm a devoted Mac user. Can't wait to see what you come up with.
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    For all those interested, please send an email to and we will put you on a one time only mailing list to notify you when is live.

    Also, if you are interested in contributing to the site at all, please indicate so in your email. We are specifically looking for bulletin board moderators, content editors and beta testers. You will be given an email address as well as access to portions of the site.

    thanks again.

    Tony Ricciardi
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    Great! Looking forward to the site and willing to help. Keep us posted.
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    Yesterday I got a preview of the site and it rocks! Very cool interface. Great job.
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    Just sent you guys off an email about helping out. gotta love the Treo and Mac. :-D
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    Looking forward to the new Site. I just sent an email and hope I can assist in beta testing and technical help since we are a member of the Apple Consultant network and an Apple Developer.

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