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As to VeriChat problem - we'll look into that but I suspect this is just Palm OS limitation. We don't mess with anyone else's connections but in Palm OS, I believe, there is very limited number of network connections you can make at the same time so I suspect that the reason for that is that when we try to make a connection OS simply has to close some other network connection in order to give us one. There's nothing we can do about it.
Actually, for what it's worth, I think that you should take a closer look at this. I really like many of the arslexis apps (Ipedia, Inoah, Infoman) but they react with the internet connection in a way that handmark express does not. In fact, if I am streaming a shoutcast station and then I use something like Infoman or Ipedia, I lose the connection to the station and then I actually have to restart my phone (after turning it off) in order to get an internet connection back. Handmark express does not cause this behavior. There is definitely something that could be changed with regards to how these apps interact with the Treo's internet connection. Please take a closer look at this and fix it.