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    Just a thought, but maybe you should lower the price a bit. If you cut the price in half to $15 I bet you could get at least double the number of purchasers. Everyone in this forums seems to think it's way too expensive. I think a whole lot of people would buy it if it were 10 or 12 dollars.

    Software is all based on maximizing your revenue. If you sell way more users then you will make way more profit. The marginal cost per user is prolly fairly low.
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    That's my point really, I can get the same info, in a slightly clumsy interface, for free. I don't know how much I'd pay for an optimised interface but definitely not $30.
    Animo et Fide
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    Responding to comments about iPedia price. We've created a promotion for the readers of this forum.

    Promotion offers 50% off of the iPedia price.

    To take advantage of the promotion use coupon CPN5272587215 on the checkout page.

    Promotion is valid for a week (until Tuesday, Aug 10, 2004) so hurry up and buy iPedia now for half the price.

    Krzysztof Kowalczy | ArsLexis
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    Now THAT'S service!
    I'll bite!
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    Yeah it's awesome... I'll bite too.
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    I bit!

    and iNoah's 1/2 price w/purchase
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    Me too. Just picked up both apps for $19.95. For access to the amount of available data offered by iPedia and iNoah, and the huge RAM savings, I'll get used to the navigation that I balked about earlier. Thanks Krzysztof !
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    Heh heh heh, consumer power! I'll try the demo's now
    Animo et Fide
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    iNoah... iPedia... you guys are really on a roll! Now if you could only make a similar interface for imdb.... (hint hint)

    FYI, I get errors with iNoah occasionally. Just try searching for "hell" to see what I mean.

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    I'm probably just some freak out in left field, but iPedia bothers me. I consider Wikipedia to be one of the crowning achievements of the 'net, it's an Open Source Encyclopedia. Anyone who knows about a subject can modify it, and it's freely distributable. Anyone who doubts how refreshing it is to see a large body of well written and researched work that is suprisingly non-partisan and not ashamed to confront any subject should use it for a few weeks. I think you'll change your mind. And it's FREE.

    That said, it just seems like exploiting the work of thosands of people for profit. Especially at the base $30 price. $15 is a lot more reasonable (as I DO understand that a good deal of programming went into the creation of iPedia, not to mention having to run a server with the ridiculous 1.2GB current article table)
    I also understand that the license allows sale for profit. (not to say that iPedia is completely free of GFDL violations, but the GFDL wasn't meant to cover a massive wiki so it's a pretty grey area)

    iNoah bothers me a bit less, maybe because the WordNet dictionary is a less impressive piece of work, or maybe because it's less "open" (but more free.)

    And, iPedia strips all tables out of an article
    Lots of useful information in those tables...

    I am not associated with wikipedia in any way, I have never written a single article, never modified a single article, I just stand in awe at what they have created.
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    A minor suggestion for ipedia-- Add a "disconnect" button or make it available in the menu. For those without unlimited data, it now requires going to a differenet app when done to disconnect the data connection.

    Also, when looking up a word that doesn't exist (or is not in there), it returns a server error- no big deal, but should be fixed to say "not found."
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    Yeah, It's really an awesome program. I picked up iNoah too. This program would have helped me bigtime this weekend when we were arguing about Harry Houdini's real name...
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    Woohoo~!! Just purchased iPedia and iNoah for $19.95! Now that's an awesome deal for such 2 great apps!! Thanks for the sweet promotion, Krzysztof!! And thanks to everyone else in this thread for speaking up!
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    I too just bought the iPedia iNoah bundle for $19.95. Let's all convince Krzysztof that he can sell more than double the copies at half the price. That way everybody wins!

    I'm amazed at what great software we can get for these little computers at such reasonable prices.
    John Seay
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    I just bought them also. Not sure how often I'll use it, but it's a great interface, will be good to have when needed, and most importantly, just wanted to "acknowledge" this great gesture. I hope it's a "win-win" for both developer and community.
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    I bought the iNoah/iPedia bundle for $19.95 based on this discussion. I agree, that's definitely the right price.
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    I finally had a chance to give iPedia a try. It's pretty good, but there are still bugs (screen draw errors, and a couple times I got back a blank document).

    And I think what was referenced above as 5-way nav compatibility should be addressed. While it is indded 5-way compatible, you can't do everything with the 5-way nav. That's the one thing that would keep me from using this. I don't use the stylus.

    So it's a good start -- but to summarize, the following keeps me from purchasing:
    - private server access required to use the software -- what if ArsLexis decides not to support this anymore. Would be nice if it accessed instead -- data would always be up to date -- and less of a chance of the service going away anytime soon.
    - 5-way nav support -- I need to do everything from the 5-way buttons.

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    beergeek (and everyone else),

    If you see any problem with iPedia (screen redraw or blank documents or anything else) please let us know at "support at" (or on our Yahoo groups). We will fix them but there are so many articles that we can't possibly test them all ourselves so we need to know which ones give problems.

    Regarding 5-way - do you have any specific ideas what else 5-way should support? Just saying "I want be able to do everything" doesn't give us much clue, not to mention that "everything" is clearly impossible e.g. you can't enter text using just 5-way. But if you describe in detail what you need iPedia to do, we'll consider implementing it.

    Krzysztof Kowalczyk | ArsLexis
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    I really wish 5 way supported using the right and left buttons to move from link to link like it does in blazer
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    Unfortunately that conflicts with our current use of left/right of 5-way i.e. it moves the caret inside the text field. Currently, to make entering text easy, we always give focus to text field so left/right behaves in a standard way. Blazer doesn't have this problem because it doesn't have a text field on the main screen.

    We could not have focus in the text field and use left/right for selecting links. There's a trade-off.

    So currently we have to ideas on how to use 5-way to select links:

    1. In some browsers (e.g. ie on smartphone or on sidekick) up/down doesn't just scroll the page but moves among visible links on the page and only scrolls when the last visible link is selected. Pro: we wouldn't have to modify other behaviour in iPedia. Con: if there are a lot of links, scrolling might be tedious. To ease the pain, we could provide both scrolling methods and an easy way to switch between them.

    2. Use left/right to select links. Pro: no changes to up/down scrolling behaviour. Con: we have to change the way we use text field. Either make it possible to manually focus/de-focus text field or remove it entirely and e.g. add a menu item/button that brings up a dialog for entering text for searching.

    Which one do people prefer?

    Krzysztof Kowalczyk | ArsLexis
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