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    The Treo 600 will be dropped, so it has to have some protection to cushion the falls. But a case has to be very special because there's nothing like the efficiency of handling a naked Treo. Recall the tactile response of the stylus on the screen, or (more likely) your fingertip on it; and your fingertips on the buttons and keys, too, not to mention curling them around the back. Nothing should make your Treo less effective than the day you got it.

    Therefore the screen and keys must be devoid of a plastic cover. The buttons can survive one, and the presence of something joining one side of the case to the other is surely necessary to stabilize them.

    If the case is on a swivel clip, it has to be better than Handspring's, which can give the illusion of being locked upon insertion but isn't -- and out the Treo falls when you bend over.

    A pouch on a belt might be best, provided it's barely large enough to hold a leather-clad Treo. (My $5 Case Logic pouch isn't the answer.) With a pouch, the Treo case shouldn't have a swivel clip, which adds bulk and interferes with one's arm.

    The leather cut-outs on the case need to include the camera and speaker (unlike the HS model) and allow the Treo to connect to a cradle's charger (unlike the HS model).

    Are there any other desiderata? If not, is there a case or pouch that meets the above criteria?
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    I recommend the Vaja iVolution--protects it while not covering the keyboard or the screen, and enable usage of ALL features.

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