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    Fry's is selling this 1G SD card for $159 or $149. I'm not sure what the speed is but I do have the 512MB version and you will find my speed test below.

    PQI 512
    475648k free / 500992k total

    VFSMark Results

    File Create: 211%
    File Delete: 197%
    File Write: 52%
    File Read: 152%
    File Seek: 393%
    DB Export: 112%
    DB Import: 391%
    Record Access: 314%
    Resource Access: 302%

    VFSMark: 236

    Wrt32bit: 73 bytes/sec
    wrt8kb: 93958 bytes / sec
    read8kb: 569878
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    I bought one of the 1G SD's from Fry's ( Results are:
    File Create: 519%
    File Delete: 425%
    File Write: 48%
    File Read: 153%
    File Seek: 406%
    DB Export: 112%
    DB Import: 375%
    Record Access; 306%
    Resource Access: 300%

    VFS Mark: 293
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    Quote Originally Posted by kedwards
    I bought one of the 1G SD's from Fry's ( Results are:

    VFS Mark: 293

    is that good or bad?

    and does it really matter if all you doing is playing mp3, not recording video or sound to it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
    is that good or bad?

    and does it really matter if all you doing is playing mp3, not recording video or sound to it?
    The higher the VFSMark the better, since it's an average of all the tests. So 293 is good, on the other hand, if all you're doing is playing mp3's, which I would think are mostly File Read and File Seek operations, those are the numbers you should pay attention to.
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    Exactly - Higher numbers are better, and VFSMark is an average of all the tests.

    "VFSMark ( measures the following types of expansion card operations:
    - creating files
    - deleting files
    - writing to a file
    - reading from a file
    - moving to specific locations in a file
    - exporting databases to the expansion card
    - importing databases from an expansion card
    - accessing records in a database on the expansion card
    - accessing resources in a database on the expansion card

    VFSMark shows the results of those tests relative the performance of a baseline system. The baseline chosen for VFSMark is a Palm m500 with a Palm 16MB SD card running without any overclocking or system performance enhancements."
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    Do you happen to have the card speed results not just the VFSmark? Card speed test link is below.
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    722240K free/ 999024K total

    Finished in 5.68 seconds

    Wrt32bit: 70bytes/sec
    Wrt8KB: 86231 bytes/sec
    Read8KB: 569878bytes/sec
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    Not that much different from my 512 PQI. Your VSF test, was that on the first test? Have you tried multiple test to see if you get the same results each time? I noticed when I eject the card, reinsert it and run a test it's about the same as your result. But when I run a 2nd test the File create and File Delete drops back down to about 200% roughly.
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    Looks like Fry's bumped the price back up to $199 for the 1G. Outpost is selling it for $179 so more than likely Fry's will honor the outpost price. I should've bought it at $149 when I saw it.
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    I did run the test multiple time and that was the result on the last one yesterday. I ended up paying the $179 via Outpost.
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    Try EBAY...I bought mine there Delivered to my Door for $150 PQ (45X) SD 1GB Card...
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    Payed 59.99 For 512 Mb 60x Speed Atp Brand At Frys Austin Texas
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    I see these are going for $99 on eBay. Would everyone who is using them recommend them, or are there any problems you've experienced?

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    Got my GB PQI last week. Works fine so far.

    But rather than buying from an unknown on ebay, for $96 shipped you can buy it from Newegg:
    - Fushigi
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    Thanks for that. The problem is that I need to find someone who will ship to the UK.
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    I highly recommend PQI... i've also been using the 1gb in my Minolta Dimage XG camera for movies, etc.... works great! 320x240 @30fps... so it's fast enough to write data to it (with those specs it writes about 700k/s to the card)

    also - i've played back the recorded movies i made using MMplayer - it also worked. Seems fast enough for mp3/video/ogg use
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    Just got the same card last week from It rocks!

    NOTE! I know this has been brought up before, just wanted to share my experience. I was waiting for a less tha $100 price to buy a 1 gig card but became impatient as I wanted to play with video on the Treo, so I bought from NewEgg at $106. I sent an email to a friend with a Zire, bragging that I had taken the 1 gig plunge with a link to the product on NewEgg. When she viewed it minutes later the price was $98, which she purchased.

    Well I was INCENSED! Here I was bragging about my new card and find out I paid $8 too much! (grins) When I went back to the page it showed a price of $98 so I took a screen shot and whipped out an email to NewEgg customer support. They didn't reply quickly but after a couple of days sent an invoice email of an $8 refund and my card was refunded the following day.

    Just a heads up.
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    hmmm.. i just stopped by unless someone can tell me I'm wrong, the price has dropped to $94.00 with free shipping...
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    hmm, 2 months down the road and this card is $67 @ newegg...
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    I have a PQI 1GB card and get a score of 434 on my T650 but get a score of 670 on my Zodiac.
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