I posted this on the 300 forum, and then I decided that forum is so dead, the 600 forum is more appropriate.

Maybe this is not news to others, but I just noticed that PalmOne's web site states that the treo 270/300 is, "no longer available." SprintPCS appears to still have the 300 in stock, but for how long? My 300 has really been flawless, but I've read about others who are on their 4th, 5th, 6th replacement. How many 300s could Sprint stock? They gotta run out sometime soon dont they? I mention this because I'm just waiting for the day when I take my 300 in for a warranty/ insurance replacement and low and behold, they dont have a 300 and cant get one. What should I do/say to guarentee I walk out with or get shipped a 600? If I do, maybe I'll set the record for getting the chepest 600 ever. See, in October 03, I bought my 300 from amazon for 249.99 and got $250.00 in rebates from sprint and amazon. So, I want to be prepared for anything, like a sprint rep trying to give me some kinda credit off a 600. No, I want it free and clear. Any help?