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    Maybe this is not news to others, but I just noticed that PalmOne's web site states that the treo 270/300 is, "no longer available." SprintPCS appears to still have the 300 in stock, but for how long? My 300 has really been flawless, but I've read about others who are on their 4th, 5th, 6th replacement. How many 300s could Sprint stock? They gotta run out sometime soon dont they? I mention this because I'm just waiting for the day when I take my 300 in for a warranty/ insurance replacement and low and behold, they dont have a 300 and cant get one. What should I do/say to guarentee I walk out with or get shipped a 600? If I do, maybe I'll set the record for getting the chepest 600 ever. See, in October 03, I bought my 300 from amazon for 249.99 and got $250.00 in rebates from sprint and amazon. So, I want to be prepared for anything, like a sprint rep trying to give me some kinda credit off a 600. No, I want it free and clear. Any help?

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    This is the problem with our society. everybody wants something for nothing. Be grateful you have had a flawless experience with the unit you have.
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    I bet they've still got a boatload of 270/300 units in storage...
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    Be lucky my T300 just flipped it's lid after 1.5 years of great use. I noticed a small crack tuesday by the hinge but it didn't look major. Went to answer a call late yesterday and I flipped the lid off. grrrrrrr.

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    well, i walked in for what i thought would be my 5th replacement last week and guess what? "ma'am, we're going to give you a replacement 600". so i guess it's started. i didn't even ask.
    Problem is, i now MISS my 300 b/c i can't download my work website on the 600 for some unknown reason that no sprint person has been able to answer. sometimes, too smart is not a good thing....
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    Quote Originally Posted by imolababy
    Be lucky my T300 just flipped it's lid after 1.5 years of great use. I noticed a small crack tuesday by the hinge but it didn't look major. Went to answer a call late yesterday and I flipped the lid off. grrrrrrr.

    Same freakin thing happened to me. I noticed a small crack and immediately called and added the Insurance from Sprint .... 5 days later I opened the lid and it came completely off and severed the wires to the lid. Still works with headset but it's embarrasing walking around with a severed phone. Glad I read the forum and realized that a small hinge crack is the beginning of the end.
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    You can hope for a free lunch; but there are a ton of 300's on ebay.
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    I'm on my fourth 300 and my wife would have been on her fourth, but got a 600 instead. The store guy just offered it; no idea whether it's a general policy. They may have offered it in part because they'd had a string of customer service screwups, and knew I was annoyed and ready to write some letters. Maybe they realize the 300 was a little too fragile, and replacing them with sturdier 600's will cost less than continuing to replace them w/ 300's. They just have to make the 600 last for 13 months and they're golden. ;-/

    My wife's first 300 lasted about two months before the screen started dying (clusters of bright yellow pixels appearing and growing, blotting stuff out). Her second lasted about six months before the battery stopped holding a charge. Her third developed the same pixel problem as the first, after about seven months.

    My first 300 lasted five months before developing pixel death syndrome. The second lasted all of three months before the battery's inability to hold a charge became intolerable. The third lasted less than four months before developing a hinge crack and a (possibly related?) speaker short.

    Except for battery life and some evident design flaws that cause them to break down, I like the 300's just fine. Why should I care if they break down within a year, as long as Sprint honors the warranty? The 600 looks great, but the keyboard is a little too cramped relative to the 300, and I wish it were a flip phone (screen protection). We got the aluminum case and it's good, but a flip as on the 300 would be better.
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    The 300's are all over EBAY because sprint liquidated them. After my 5th waranty replacement 300 failed to function after one week, I was upgraded to a 600 free. I miss the simple text app for Etrade I was able to access with the 300. The 600 goes to their regular website and that is a much slower process. I understand Sprint wants to get away from the proxy server system the 300 requires so I would'nt even consider an EBAY 300 purchase. Suppose they become vision disabled.

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