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    I downloaded some sample Midi ringtones (aarons ringtones) and emailed them to my TREO. When I clicked on the attachment the transfer began and my Treo immediatley crashed. I even tried using Ringo which also was unstabel on my treo. I'm stumped, any suggestions.
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    Keep your MID file downloads under 64kb. Larger files cause problems. In fact, anything over about 2k is probably not a practical ringtone or alarm. It is worth editing MID files of whole songs so that you only get a portion that you want such as the chorus.

    Treo 600 uses General MIDI encoding on the files. If you download something that is encoded for a custom MIDI mapping, you may run into problems playing it back.
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    The files I am downloading are only 4kb. So I don't understand why it keeps crashing.

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