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    Am I missing something here? Ever since my Treo 600 has been brand new it has only taken 160x120 pics. I see people here posting 320x240 and even 640x480 pics that look a million times better than the postage-stamp size stuff my phone takes.

    What gives??

    How do I change the resolution at which my camera takes pictures? I tried going to the camera and then going to the menu but saw no size options at all.

    I've had this phone nearly a year now and always thought my camera sucked.

    EDIT: Nevermind... I found it. Just tap on the square in the upper left hand corner. Geeze... all this time and I never figured that out.

    I'll leave this thread up in case anyone else is lost.
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    You may want to try QSet as well to increase the jpeg quality of the images.
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    since you mentioned qset and no one answered the question i posted about it earlier, i'll give it a shot here...

    does qset apply to the original camera AND the Pickem app?
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    Yes, the setting that qset changes is used both by the camera app and Pickem.

    Note that Pickem has the qset feature built in, so you don't need qset if you're already using Pickem.
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    just what i was looking for. thank you for saving me some memory.
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    So we delete the current photo application supplied with the Treo and use Pickem or just add Pickem and use this application for all pics.?
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    I use qset, but I can't seem to figure out how it's affecting my pictures...any advice?

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