I use my Treo 600 for mostly the phone, PIM, and music playing functions. Then I also use it to play games (Solitaire, so addictive!), edit Word and Excel documents, track time and expenses, and check e-mail. From time to time I'll do web surfing, watch videos (record tv shows that I can't watch because I'm busy, then watch on the train/bus), and use various other programs. Seeing that I only use my Treo for e-mail and light web-surfing, I really don't think WiFi is necessary. Although I do believe that PalmOne needs to start making two kinds of smartphones, a Treo smartphone that's more like a phone than PDA, and create a next-gen Tungsten smartphone which would be more PDA than phone. If you ask me though, I don't need WiFi, and I'd get the Treo Ace, but that'll be after my 600 breaks, because my 600 is already a really good device. The PDAs with phone capability built in have really never taken off... Treo 180/270,300, HP, Audiovox, PalmOne, they all attempted to make these devices. How popular did they get? Among the geeks yes, but it would've never had appeal to the average Jane and Joe. Treo 600... phone with PDA capability, and all the PalmOne executives think they've died and gone to heaven. Don't get me wrong, I think the H6315 is a great device, for those who need it, for the rest of us, there's Treo.