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    O.....M..............GOD i WANT ONE NOWWWW
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    my thoughts exactly. lol
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    I'll pass. Who wants to use Windows XP as their PDA!? And at 5 inches and nearly an inch thick, it is still too big for my taste. The Treo is a sweet spot for me. Give me a PC (or better yet - a Mac) that size and I'll bite.
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    As a PDA, it's a tank. This is more of a ultra-micro-notebook. I would not give up my Treo for this device. I want something small that will fit in my pocket.
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    Looks nice. Just like every single one of these proposed devices that I've seen for the last decade. I've lost count of how many slick web sites with 3DS Max renderings of a similar device that I've run across over the years.

    Show me actual working hardware and I'll get excited.
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    Not impressed. I have a tiny Sony Vaio Picturebook running XP, and I still find myself using my Treo 600 to read emails, instant messaging, listen to music, and read the papers while on the go.
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    Where's the CD ROM drive? It looks like it's thick enough to have one but it doesn't. You have to tote around external USB drives and other devices to get the full benefits of the Windows XP OS. Still looks nice and took one of the "Best of Show" awards and the CES if I'm not mistaken. When it's released, It'll probably cost as much as 2 laptops.
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    I have been following this device for many months now and the estimated price is in the $2,000 range. The key is the special cord which has multiple interface/adapters built into it. For someone like me who travels a lot this will be a godsend. I hook up to projectors in board rooms so no need for an additional monitor. That being said I would have trouble ditching my Treo.

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    Yeah, I've been following this device and other similar devices and the key for a successful device to me is to have a portable CPU that supports a real full OS (not pocket or palm), hard drive like an iPod, memory, video card, wi-fi, and a bunch of USB connections where I can connect it to a keyboard and or monitor (via a docking station?) at work and at home. If you think of the component costs to this, it can probably be done at the $600-$700 price point. It doesn't necessarily have to have the ability to make phone calls, but it would be bad if it could do that as a back up.

    In short I just want to be able to carry a box of my information on it, and plug it into any monitor, keyboard, and speakers and use it like a desktop. When there is no full monitor/keyboard available the device should be somewhat self sufficient as this device is.
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    i love the concept of this device. as a replacement for a laptop, THIS IS THE DEVICE. especially if you are onboard an aircraft with limited space at your seat - this is the device to whip out and place casually on top of the fold - down drink tray. ideal for mobile professionals who fly often.

    as a treo - replacement - no way. its too bulky. if they implemented a phone into this device and compacted all of its current capablities into a pocketable handheld, we'd be talking about SERIOUS treo competition.

    awesome concept, though. no doubt.
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    Do I need to boot up first to check my email and contacts)))
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    And where's the phone? It's supposed to replace my soon to be outdated Treo 600? I got excited initially but I'll pass and wait for the next Treo Ace
    Visor Deluxe, Prism, Visorphone, Treo 270, Treo 600, Treo 650, and am eagerly waiting for the next generation Treo...but that the iPhone????
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    Bmcfarland, this has the full WinXP on it. Not a CE or PPC device. My biggest concern on items like this is the readability of the screen. Face it I am in my mid 40's and I need glasses more and more every day it seems to see things that are to close to me.
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    here's another one
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    good point, rome. if there's a boot up delay on this thing then thats a major drawback.
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    I really think this device would be much more attractive on a stable OS like Mac OS X rather than Windoze XP.

    But all that aside, we could be looking at the future hot items in 3-5 years. With the improving size of small HDs, LCDs, RAM, etc. all coupled with wireless 802.11x and bluetooth, these devices can be fully capable computers anywhere, anytime, and for a reasonable price.

    This may one day replace reduce the treo to a mini-companion device. To elaborate, consider the addition of a cellphone radio into the computer. With bluetooth, all you need to make this an attractive communication device is a bluetooth headset. Hell, throw in caller ID into the bluetooth headset and you won't even need to reference the computer once a call is received. In this situation, a PDA/Smartphone is no longer necessary as it has been replaced merely by a headset!

    It doesn't even seem infeasible to install an antenna into this device now and use it in the manner I described. The inhibiting factors would be the bulkiness, poor box-like design of the device, and the price, but in a few years, even this may be reduced.

    For example, consider the possibility of advanced RAM that can hold larger than 1 GB per DIMM (or whatever). I'm thinking more along the lines of a RAM card that can hold 20 GB in itself. In this situation, the HD is simply a RAM disk, offering amazing speed. Virtual memory and real memory would have no distinction. With this technology, the size of this OQO computer can be reduced substantially.

    But again, I would like to see this done in a Mac OS operating system. However, I doubt apple will foresee the awesome attractiveness created by a device like the one I described. Apple may only create its own version of a truly universal device AFTER a PC manufacture like OQO steals the public's attention. I base this wild prediction on apple’s deep-seeded hatred for its own brilliant PDA, the Newton of course.

    Anyways, I can’t wait for tomorrow.
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    Cmdr, I think a couple of Ex-Apple employees were involved in OQO. Tells me Apple may have said no to the idea. I to woudl like a device with the OS in ROM so it woudl boot immediately. Problem there is loading device drivers as I see it.

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    That FlipStart is AWESOME! I think I would rather go with that one over the OQO because of the size. Both devices look great though.
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    The only thing for me is battery life, honestly. If it were a bit longer....yes!!!
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