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    Quote Originally Posted by pdadoc
    Is this incompatible with NOW up to date and NOW contact? If so, it becomes useless for me, as those are essential conduits.
    Don't worry, the conduits are working fine for me.

    Glad to see another NOW user. I love these programs and think they are far superior to Entourage and iCal/Address Book.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bwh1248
    imageone mentioned that the upgraded version seemed slower then older versions. But I'm wondering if people feel that overall, Missing Sync is faster or slower then the normal Palm Hotsync Manager.
    Speed comparisons would be good to know. I deleted Palm Desktop before I could do any myself.

    Usually I just do a quick sync of a couple appointment entries and a phone number or something so it doesn't take to long. In checking Missing Sync's log, here is a lengthy backup session for someone to compare (on a B&W 350 G3 , Mac OS X 10.2.8).

    Sync starting at 30 Jul 2004 11:09 PM on USB
    Backed up AppIcon_AICN_appl_a68k.prc
    Backed up ActNames_Actn_appl_a68k.prc
    Backed up Batcam_Bcam_appl_a68k.prc
    Backed up Blazer Cache.pdb
    Backed up CurrentCarrier.pdb
    Backed up City Time_CiAa_appl_a68k.prc
    Backed up Web UserData.pdb
    Backed up Datebk3HDB.pdb
    ...boring file list continues for many pages.

    OK Backup
    Sync completed successfully at 30 Jul 2004 11:16 PM

    Total amount backed up was 21.3MB in roughly 7 minutes.

    *edit addition --> This of course doesn't take iSync into account which would vary to much.
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    When you say "the conduits are working fine," please confirm Now Up to Date syncs without problem. I note that their website specifically states that NUTD is NOT supported. Thanks....
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    Quote Originally Posted by pdadoc

    When you say "the conduits are working fine," please confirm Now Up to Date syncs without problem. I note that their website specifically states that NUTD is NOT supported. Thanks....
    Sorry! You're right! The log said that it synched fine, but that's only because I hadn't made any changes to my calendar since I installed the program. Once I entered some appointments into NOW U-T-D, it refused to sync!

    I have now UNINSTALLED Missing Sync and reinstalled the Palm HotSync Manager until Mark/Space supports Vindigo and NOW U-T-D. Those are two of the most essential programs for me.

    All in all, Missing Sync 4.0 has caused WAY too many problems for me, from bad reg codes, to quitting immediately after launch, to not supporting my most important conduits. I'd like to throw this program down the Kitchen Sync !
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    Too bad... It has some nice functions, but I agree. I also use vindigo. It's a bit hard to understand how such a program could not work correctly with a conduit that plain old hotsync supports, but I'm no developer. I'll also pass until these get fixed. On a postiive note, I did receive a quick response from them overnight when I asked (confirming that they currently do not support NUTD, although they would not offer any timeframe for a fix, so I suspect it's not in the immediate future).
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    The Missing Sync version 4.0.1 has now been released. Added features and bug fixes are listed below as copied from their website. I particularly like all the added things in the MemoPad Application and it's bugfixes.

    Issue 1994 - When installing Tapwave games, the prc is now correctly installed on card selected by user.

    Fixed issue where archives that had filenames < 7 characters in length would hang install.

    Issue 1996 - Removed hyperlink for SplashPhoto upgrade so that it appears on 10.2.8.

    Issue 1997 - MemoPad application now remembers last category used on a per handheld basis.

    Issue 1998 - Changed name of MemoPad conduit in UI

    Added Command N to create a new memo in MemoPad.

    On first connection of a handheld, the memopad conduit now is properly set to synchronize

    In MemoPad, if handheld is added/removed in MS app, change is now reflected

    Issue 1951 - Fixed kernel panic issues with desktop mounting and CLIEs.

    Issue 1987 - iSync Palm conduit is only copied to global conduits folder if user drags it into the conduits window. Due to a bug in Apple's development of the conduit, it will not run properly in the user's conduits folder.

    Issue 1989 - Fixed issue where toolbar on MemoPad wasn't being displayed.

    Carriage returns are now converted to linefeeds when syncing memos. (Handheld displays carriage returns as boxes.)

    In some cames, if Stuffit Expander 6 is on the machine, Stuffit archives would not get decompressed. This has been resolved. Stuffit Expander 7 or higher is required to automatically decompress Stuffit archives.

    Issue 1958 - Addressed issues with Internet Sharing and CLIE devices

    Issue 1972 - MemoPad divider now remembers its position.

    Backup conduit now preserves category/attribute information for Zodiac.

    Transparency is now set right on menubar app icons

    Fixed potential crash when network sync stopped.

    If a conduit crashes and the UI app was not running, the UI app now quits after alerting user that conduit manager has quit.

    Adding/removing/editing conduit profiles now updates menu bar menu

    Issue 1954 - Addressed Bluetooth issues for VFS Read/Write

    Fixed issue cancelling a Tapwave game install where the prc would be installed anyway.

    Now handles dragging/dropping of ini files from Tapwave games onto app

    Fixed issue installing some Tapwave games including Orbz

    When dragging/dropping some archives onto Missing Sync, wrong readme could be displayed. The readme/install file that is at the highest level in the archive is now displayed.

    m_LastSyncDate is now adjusted by the time zone offset in SyncReadUserID

    Fixed issue where some conduit settings were not "sticking".

    Issue 1965 - Reverted changes to how conduits run in order to support conduits such as Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide.

    Fixed issue where FMSync and other conduits that called ThreadCurrentStackSpace would fail.

    Issue 1969 - Fixed issue with readSingleCardInfo call that didn't properly return an error (affected ExpensePlus conduit).

    If a conduit is set for a fast sync and the last computer the user synced with isn't the computer computer, we now set the sync type to slow sync.

    Issue 1973 - Conduit now properly truncates category names to 15 characters

    If the computer name is blank, the registration dialog will crash. This issue has been fixed.

    Added ability to option click on conduit checkboxes to toggle all conduits on/off

    Added status to menubar (option in preferences)

    If app is located in user directory, startup item may not haved function properly

    Issue 1941 - Fixed issue where deleting a memo on the desktop would not delete it on the handheld.

    Fixed issue where wrong OS X user could sync.

    Issue 1943 - Certain memos would have garbage characters appended to them when syncing from Mac to handheld.

    Changed MemoPad application to have a veritical orientiation with the memo titles on the left, memos on the right.

    Added ability to use delete key to delete memos

    Conduits in the Japanese localized conduits folder are now recognized.

    Issue 1949 - Hitting command-delete now moves conduits to Disabled Conduits as documented.

    Issue 1950 - Japanese localizations added to installer.

    Fixed issue where Install Conduit was not properly checking ROM version number leading to issues installing some databases.

    Issue 1953 - Addressed issue where some machines couldn't sleep if Missing Sync Monitor was running.

    Issue 1918 - Fixed issue where wizards would appear blue after a sync.

    Issue 1763 - Addressed issues with Vindigo conduit

    Issue 1825 - Fixed issue where certain characters couldn't be entered in registration dialog.

    Issue 1907 - Show private memos in MemoPad app now works.

    Issue 1917 - MemoPad conduit now transfers accented characters to/from handheld

    Fixed issue where MemoPad conduit quits Finder (or other app) under 10.2.8.

    Copyright information added to MemoPad Conduit.

    Issue 1925 - Corrected problems when registration code had non-numbers in it.

    Issue 1927 - Fixed issue where extended characters coudln't be entered for a handheld name (multiple places).

    Issue 1928 - Fixed issues reading/writing Palm user ID with extended characters.

    Issue 1929 - Fixed issues where extended characters in MemoPad were not accepted.

    Issue 1931 - Fixed issues with getUserIDFromDirectory under 10.2.8 (affected iSync conduit)

    Issue 1932 - Fixed installing to card for Japanese

    Issue 1933 - Files are now properly installed for Japanese.

    Issue 1934 - Sync log is now stored in Unicode to preserve extended and Japanese characters.

    Added Japanese localization to backup and install conduits

    Issue 1936 - Added support for Tapwave .tap archives

    Issue 1937 - When conduits report an error via slWarning or other call, the user is now properly notified of an error.

    Issue 1938 - Uninstaller now removes MemoPad from dock.

    Fixed issue where sometimes the Monitor app would not get added to the login items.

    Added self contained crash reporting mechanism

    Fixed issue where WiFi sync does not work after machine is woken from sleep
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    The follwing conduits now work with The Missing Sync v 4.0.1

    Address Book
    from PalmSource

    from Stand Alone, Inc.

    from PalmSource and Mark/Space

    from palmOne

    Chronos Personal Organizer
    from Chronos

    from palmOne

    Crossword Puzzles
    from Stand Alone, Inc.

    from PalmSource

    from Marketcircle

    Documents To Go
    from DataViz

    Microsoft Entourage X
    from Microsoft

    Microsoft Entourage 2004
    from Microsoft

    from Mark Mieczkowski

    ePocrates (still in testing phase)
    from ePocrates

    from WalletWare

    FastTrack Schedule (still in testing phase)
    from AEC Software

    FileMaker Mobile
    from FileMaker, Inc.

    FirstClass (still in testing phase)
    from OpenText

    FMSync for JFile
    from somebody?

    from GoKnow

    from Stand Alone, Inc.

    High Scores
    from Mark/Space

    from PalmSource and Mark/Space

    from QueueSoft

    from QueueSoft

    iSync Conduit
    from Apple

    from JournalToGo

    KeyContacts (still in testing phase)
    from QueueSoft

    Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide 2004
    from Landware

    Life Balance
    from Llamagraphics

    from Bill Sellers

    MAL Conduit - usage tip
    from ZipIt

    Meeting Maker
    from Meeting Maker, Inc.

    from PalmSource

    from palmOne

    from palmOne

    from GoKnow

    Password Wallet
    from Selznick Scientific Software, LLC

    Passwords Plus
    from DataViz

    from palmOne

    from Catamount Software

    Pocket Quicken
    from Landware

    QueueSync v2
    from QueueSoft

    Radio Times
    from Radio Times

    from SplashData

    from SplashData

    from SplashData

    from palmOne

    from NotifyMail Software

    from Blue Nomad

    from TinyStocks B.V.

    from PalmSource

    Trip Deluxe
    from Hands High Software

    from Vindigo Studios

    from palmOne

    Web Confidential
    from Web Confidential

    from Blue Nomad

    Workout Tracker
    from Stand Alone, Inc.

    from MobiMate
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    Still no NOW Up-To-Date!

    I'm a little bothered by the fact that there were so many "issues" that needed to be fixed. It makes me uncomfortable to think that a program that performs the essential function of syncing could be so buggy upon release.
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    The update is nice. I was waiting for the support of FMSync. I'm not using MissingSync for my Treo yet, but started using it to sync my iMac & Tungsten C via WiFi. Works GREAT! As support is added for more conduits this will be the way to go. In fact when I upgrade to the 650 I plan on buying a second license for my Powerbook.

    I've had no problems at all. The WiFi sync is fast! Thanks MarkSpace
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    will missing sync support the new 650 to sync via Bluetooth, if so, that would be awesome!
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