Here is a challenge If i have ever heard one...

We have all seen the dual SIM card holder Dual Sim and it is a nice way to jump back and forth between SIM cards, how about applying this idea to the SDIO slot?

You would have to be able to access both cards at the same time, unmount and remount without shutting the treo off. It would be awsome if the ability to read from one card (listing to MP3 via pTunes) and read/write to the other. There would have to be a trade off with the access time for read/write, but you would have to deal with this, no way to get around it. This will more likely then not, require a sled of some kind that would attach to the back of the treo, but adding a few mm would be a small trade off.

If you have seen this or anything like this post and share with everyone! If you would like to add to this post and share with all! I would love to see this hardware and would love to see it come from T|C!