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    I am considering purchasing a Treo 600 to replace my current cell phone and blackberry. Before doing so I want to make sure this $500 item will meet my needs. Is it possible to forward my corporate email to the Treo in the same manner as my Blackberry? Currently whenever I receive and email at work it is automatically forwarded to my Blackberry and I receive near instant notification. If these emails contain attachments(excel, word, PDF) can I open them? Is is possible to receive notification when I receive an email in my Yahoo or Earthlink email account? If these emails contain attachments can they be opened? I will be using the Treo with Cingular service. I appreciate any assistance.
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    I can suggest you to try Aileron by corsoft, its a good email program and will help you to get your issue solved... hope this helps


    James G
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    Aileron does not push messages like the Blackberry does but handles attachments better than anything I have seen to date. It is fast and in case it matters, you can edit and upload documents. The proxy does all conversions while the message is being retreived or transmitted.

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