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    Anyone had any luck or not using a Treo 600 with a Mac running Jaguar, and using Entourage as the PIM. I'm looking to buy a Treo and would hate to have to go back to using Palm Desktop.
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    I had no problems. It works very well, but moved on to Panther and iSync.
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    Go to Microsoft's Mactopia Website. They have the Entourage X conduit for Palm there for download:

    BE SURE YOU ARE USING ENTOURAGE X, NOT ENTOURAGE 2004! Although there is a conduit for Entrouage 2004, the two are not interchangable.

    Refer to the onscreen instructions and install any required updates prior to installing the conduit.

    Good luck,
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    I have been using Entourage and my Treo for seven months now, and have only had one issue, and that has been syncing memo pad. Every time I try and sync it with notes and the content has changed, it stops the sync completely. In the end I have just turned syncing off for that component and use notes on my handheld only.

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    The only trouble that I have had with Entourage 2004 is that the multi-day events do not sync correctly. The conduit will only sync the first day of the event. The work-around for this is to use reoccurring events.

    This has really frustrated me, since I use multi-day events quite frequently.

    I don't use iSync because it doesn't support palm categories. I have well over 1000 contacts, and I use categories exclusively to organize them.

    To say the least, using my mac to organize my life is becoming increasingly frustrating.
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    Anybody out there using Missing Sync to synchronize to Entourage? Does it solve the problems mentioned above? As a convert from Outlook on the PC I am looking for a rock solid solution for synching my T600 to Entourage and as of yet, I haven't heard of ANY rock solid solutions
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    I use Entourage and Treo 600. I got them to sync just fine, but like someone elce my multi-day apointments in Entourage did not sync with the treo. I have also switched from a Windows platform to the mac. Entourage doesn't sync as good with palm as well as Outlook does with PocketPC, but I'm not going back to using Windows.
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    I am happy to inform you that my treo 600 now - after some trouble - works with:
    Entourage 2004, iCal (isync), MacOS adress book and .Mac.
    1) I used the handheld conduit with comes with Office 2004 and is installed on the Office 2004 program folder.
    2) I activated the option "using new palm devices" in the Entourage 2004 conduit (without activating this option caledar events were not synchronised correctly). Furthermore, The first time I activated "Handheld overwrites Mac" in the Entourage conduit and "clear .Mac, then synchronize" in the iSync conduit.
    3) I used Missing Sync
    4) I use my .Mac account to sync between the G4 Mac of my secretary, my G5 in the office, my G4 powerbook and - of course - my treo 600.
    5) I work with Panther 10.3.5 German MacOS.

    I have more than 1500 adresses, apr. 100 tasks and more than 6000 calendar events (back to 1996, which have been once entered in my Psion!!). Thus, this is more than I could ever expect after all the problems I had before snyching the palm OS with Entourage, iCal ecc. However, Iīm still not sure whether everything works perfectly and whether there are missing data or doubled data. By now, I cannot find any problem, although iSync of course asks me many times for minor changes in same adress data (better than not asking and changing unwanted things...). Finally, I use Documents to go NEW version 7: Perfect! Reads Word, Excel, Powerpoint and even PDF files, NO problems at all (except that old documents to go documents crashed the palm and/or the Mac, so I reinstalled them with the new version).
    For me, now I have found the perfect solution for a Palm-based Smartphone and my beloved Macīs and I am again more independent from any Microsoft Pocket PC device! Hope that palm will survive...
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    #9 addition to my previous comment, unfortunately I must say that i still have problems with the entourage 2004 conduit although I use the newest version (that came with the office 2004 CD) and the newest version of missing sync.
    The problem: New datebook entries are not synchronised neither in entourate 2004 nor in the treo600. The only solution: To set the conduit setting on "Handheld overwrites entourage"... not really helpful.

    BUT THE REALLY GOOD NEWS: With iCal, the MacOS Adressbook and isync, using "missing sync" everthing works perfectl even between 3 Macs and my treo 600 (using my .mac account).
    So finally, I fully switched to iCal and the MacOS adress book and Apple Mail (despite the fact that I miss some entourage features in apple mail). Now I never lost any contact or datebook entry in the last 4 weeks despite synching 2-3 times a day.I use the Notepad" included in missing sync" to backup my "Notepad" entries. Sometimes I synch entourage 2004 with the "overwrite" action just to have an additional backup of my extensive contact and datebook data. For this feature, missing sync" is perfect, because I can easily switch between the isync and the entourage 2004 conduits (exception: notepad). GREAT!
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    I have read the previous posts and appreciate the input (I was the person who started this thread a couple of months ago). I decided to go ahead and buy the Treo, and I have been very happy with the device in all respects. However, I still have some problems with synchronization with Entourage X (have not ponied up the $$ for Office 2004 yet). To be honest, I think it was the same when I had my Tungsten T. Basically, when I change either an element of an address, a note attached to a Task Item, or a Note on my Mac, it doesn't reliably sync to the Treo. New events created in Entourage seem to be ok, events created on the Treo get to the Mac and appear in Entourage correctly, and changes made on the Treo (like changing a line in an address) also sync fine, BUT not the other direction (Entourage to Treo). SO. . . My question if anybody knows, is whether using the MissingSync would correct this behavior?

    Just not happy with Apple's Mail/Address Book and don't want to give up Entourage. . .
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    Missing Sync won't be a magic bullet for this issue. It merely runs the same conduit you use in HotSync. Are you syncing the Treo with another computer, or with Entourage and something else (like the iApps) at the same time? By same time I don't mean on the same hotsync, but do you switch back and forth? This can cause the behavior you're seeing.
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    Thanks for the feedback! Regarding your question on Missing sync: As cpryce said it does not help you when the conduits dont work. But it helps you to quicker switch e.g. between Entourage conduit and isync or other conduits. My "old" entourage .X conduit worked quite fine with entourage .X; nothing works after updating to Entourage 2004 even using the new handheld conduit.
    I would still encourage you to switch to iSync! I was also using Entourage for many years; now I dont miss entourage too much... My contacts (be careful were you write the adress information!), datebook and todo's are synchronized perfectly, and my notes are also saved since I use Missing sync (which offers an own note programm, which is - however - transferred into the "disabled conduits" when you us the entourage conduit).
    By the way: I had briefly a problem with my MacOS adress book; contacts where not synchronized any more. Solution: I backup all contacts (drag & drop on the desktop, its only 1 file!) "reset" all computers using .Mac (or opposite) and clear all contacts (dont worry, it works..). Then I drag & drop the saved adresses back to the adress bock and redo a sync with isync. Now everything works!
    Good luck.... Lets hope that the treo 610 works even better...
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    No matter what I do I cannot get the date book to sync between Treo 600 and Entourage X. Everything else is fine!
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    I got this to work with two major problems:

    1. Caller ID does not work for my contacts that come from Entourage X
    2. I don't know where Tasks go
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    Try e2sync.

    It's a full conduit, operates within iSync and treats Entourage as an actual device (like an iPod or a Palm device). More full proof.
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    I'm getting a result with this:

    Free but the categories are messing me around at the moment but it works whereas I have spent since, I think, last October trying to get the Entourage conduit to work...
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    I've been thinking of trying Quesync next. It just sucks to have to buy every conduit/sync in order to solve the problem. It's also strange that the Entourage X conduit seems to work fine for most people.

    -Actually, it looks like there is a free trial of Quesync. I'll give it a whirl.

    I guess I could use the Quesync conduit inside of the Missing Sync.
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    I have been all over the web trying to find a fix for my sync problems. I am on an iBook and want to sync my Entourage X with my Treo 600. I have downloaded all the conduits that the threads recommend and have followed all the directions. I was able to get tasks to sync but when ever I change conduit settings to syncronize in any of the other applications it starts to go then kicks me out. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I am tired of working in palm desktop and entourage both.

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