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    Is the LED flash rate different on different builds? My first Treo was a Handsping branded one, and I'm sure the green led flashed once every 2 or 3 seconds, which was fine. I have had a replacement which is PalmOne branded, the flash rate is now about 1 per second. This is fast enough to be annoying. Has anyone else noticed this, and is there any way to slow down the flash? I don't mean putting it on permanently or any of the things you can do with Butler.
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    last time I bump. no-one able to slow down the flash rate?
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    A good amount of alcohol or some mind altering drugs might do the trick

    Mine is Hanspring branded (rev B) and blinks about once per idea how you would slow it down other than the suggestion above, sorry.
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    We need to get the LEDoff author to set it up so it only blinks on even-numbered seconds
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    Hey, I just noticed that yesterday. My handspring branded t6 was a lot slower but, I don't really care either way, although I wish there was a program to turn the light off at certain times while the radio is still on. Btw 1 per second can be
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    well I know it can be useful, it helps me find it in the dark which is why I don't just switch it off. I might pop over to developers corner and put in a request
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