I have been a huge fan of Beyond Contacts for quite some time. It was my main app on my 7135. But since I got my VZW Treo 600, I have not yet installed it. My reason was that with the Verizon Wireless Sync, I was getting so much functionality, that I'm hesitant to go off of the default Palm databases.

But now I miss all that functionality of Beyond Contacts.

So here's my question... Had anyone used Beyond Contacts VIA Verizon's Wireless Sync? Good, bad? Were the sync times long?

I could always go to Inbox to Go Wireless, but Verizon's e-mail program is pretty sweet, so I was thinking of using Beyond Contacts w/o the e-mail.

Anyway, normally I would just install and try it myself, but this one is a little more involved, so I'd like to know if anyone has tried this yet.

Thanks in advance.