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    When I press Volume Down (the side buttons), it presses normally. When I pres Volume Up, it kind of feels like it's getting caught slightly on the casing or something, it requires a firmer press with an click that I can feel prominently. Normal?

    The other thing I notice is when I press down on the "joystick", it's like there's a piece of plastic under it, it's a plasticy squeaky sound. Doesn't happen on other directions.
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    I have the exact same problems that you describe. I have compared it to other treos that friends own, and they do NOT have this problem. It's never bothered me enough to try to obtain a replacement, but I suppose it would be enough to warrant one.

    FWIW, I received my treo back around Oct 31. When was yours purchased?
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    I got mine.. lemme see if I can remember.. right around... noon today! It's brand new from Verizon. I wonder if I can easily walk in and exchange it...
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    The volume clicking seems to have gone away on it's own. Might have just needed some of the "new" to rub off But the "down" click is still there. Probably normal I assume.
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    mine clicks. got it in january, still clicks. never really thought about it
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    My unit's volume buttons pretty much feel and sound the same.

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