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    I thought the battery life was much better on Treo 600 than my Tungsten T, but not THIS good!

    14:00 - Unplugged Treo from full charge, started playing MP3s. 100%
    14:45 - 96%
    15:15 - 93%
    15:45 - 90%
    16:15 - 88%
    17:00 - 85%

    I don't have Battery Graph anymore as I found it took way too long to back it up, but the percentages are good enough. The mp3 player will keep on playing until the Treo 600 is drained... or until midnight, whichever comes first.

    BTW, this is with intermittent PIM functions as well, and wireless mode is on, although no one's called me during this time. *sniff* well people know I'm working anyway haha.

    I'm going to use a program called Battery Time tonight, a battery benchmarking program for Palm OS.
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    I went from 85% to 74% after playing PocketTunes for about 1.5 hours with wireless mode off - but the screen wasn't doing a good job of turning off - I think those numbers are pretty consistent.

    CDMA? GSM? How many bars of coverage?
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    GSM, four bars, half OGG, half WMA.

    15:15, just got a 1 minute phone call, resumed playing again. 83%.
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    22:30, 45%.... total time 8.5 hours. I think I'll stop it now, my Treo 600 has proven its point, and proven its point very well.

    That means an average of 6.5% per hour. Assuming battery shutoff at 20%, that means a possible 12 hours of playtime.

    By the way, I have made 12 minutes of phone calls during this 8.5 hour test period, and also sent and received around 10 text messages.

    Tomorrow night I'll test using the Battery Time program (not too thrilled about the idea of draining the Treo 600, but it is a nice test).

    Treo 600 already exceeded my expectations, I was getting 5 hours max with MP3 playing on my Tungsten T. It was terrible, I always had to worry about conserving battery life and not running out of power before I got home from school (leaving home at around 7am, getting home at 10:30pm). I think the Treo 600 will get me through a school day perfectly fine. I'm happy.
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    I play mp3's while i'm working.
    After 8 hours, my battery said 60%.
    that is with pockettunes, screen off, continuous play, no stops
    so i'm estimating around 16+ hours of mp3 playback!
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    Realistically I think I'd use my phone to do other things, so 12 hours including typical usage is pretty good.

    Hey you're with Fido right? How's the GPRS? Voice quality?
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    Dear all,

    Treo 600's battery was that good?

    Wow...and that's after the battery upgrade or what?
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    Were you playing through a headset, external speakers? I imagine we'd see the worst drain if we were playing through the Treo's speaker, which is something to avoid anyway because of sound quality.
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    Through a headset from 14:00 to 18:00, through the treo speaker from 18:00 to 00:30, which was at 33% by 00:30.

    Yes, the battery for the Treo 600 is awesome. I definitely don't mind lo res and (relatively) slow CPU anymore.
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    Hi there,

    Kevin from palmOne here. I wanted to send you a list of tips for keeping your Treo’s battery at the height of performance, in case you’re not already familiar with them.

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    Tips: Maximize battery life (Treo 600)

    I hope some of these come in handy.

    Best wishes,
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    Kevin Michaels
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    I bet you giggle everytime we wildly speculate the release date on the Treo Ace, huh? :P
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    Giggling aside, I think it's great that palmOne employees actively participate on this forum. Thanks, Kevin.
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    Yes, thanks for the one up Kevin. Although I do believe my Treo 600 will outlast me on a typical workday, it's good to know these tips, and good to know that someone gets paid for roaming through

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