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    I searched the archives here and I see that it has been a while since anyone discussed relational databases. I wonder if things have changed (improved) much in the past year (from what I have seen so far, I hope so).

    Can anyone recommend a good relational database for Mac OSX/T600 use? I am not expecting to find a suitable two-way synching app, but it would be fantastic if I could. I built our company's CRM db with Omnis many years ago and we continue to use it today.

    I have a two-fold project:

    1. find a replacement for Omnis that I can use to build a new CRM for Mac OSX.
    2. find a reasonable relational-db for Palm OS 5.2 that supports the 5-way button and is easy to update from CSV or tab-delimited data.

    If I can get two-way synching between the two db's that would be out of sight!

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    handbase by ddhsoftware (

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