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    Ok, broke down (once I get the visa bill) and purchased the Amazon $149 after rebate Treo 600 with a $39 att gsm america local 600 plan along with the $19.00 mobile data plan (8mb).

    Can someone explain when/if my time spent on the web or checking email would come out of the anytime 600 minutes or would all that be out of my 8mb bucket of data plan?

    Anything I really really need to do once I get the phone?

    I currently have att on a cell phone but no contract so I believe I can just suspend that account and have my new one opened for the treo 600 then transfer my old number to least that is what I would like to do.

    Thanks for any input
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    Im in the same situtation as you...out of contract with ATT, but the LOUSY data plans has stopped me from getting the treo with them....its as bad as the Verizion plans...i don't even think you can get an unlimited data plan ...even cingular has an unlimited plan for $20
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    Verizon's unlimited data plan is $45 with a voice plan or $50 without. Sprint has a $15 unlimited data plan.
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    The web / email / PDANet modeming / etc. would come out of the 8MB; talk time is just about the only thing that comes out of your minutes. If you have no data plan at all then everything comes out of your minutes (but you can chew up a LOT of minutes using data if the data connection stays on - there's a thread about that here somewhere recently...)

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