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    Can someone tell me if it is possible to set the treo so that when i have the headset inserted in the phone that I can hear the ringer when a call comes in? or is there a software app that will allow this to happen.

    I find myself in situations where I often don't hear my ringer so it would be great if i could hear it in my earpiece.

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    lightwav plays mp3's trough the ear phone when there an incoming call, the proble i have is that when i am listining to music trough me headset it blast in my ears when i get an incoming call.
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    As long as you have the top speaker switch (top right) set on (left position) you will hear the ringer in the headset.
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    I don't hear a thing when the headphone is plugged in and is in my ear. The switch is to the left not on vib. I just had someone call me and tested to make sure.

    Can someone else confirm that i'm suppose to be hearing the ringer in my earpiece when the phone rings?

    I'll check out lightwav in the meantime

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    thanks catbert00 for that depressing news ;-) Why is something as simple as this overlooked when developing a 500dollar phone.


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