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    I am intending to release a new "public beta" of Chatter Email 1.0 during the first week of August.

    Here's a rundown of what Chatter Email 1.0 will offer IMAP users (many of these features are entirely unique to Chatter's email client):

    • TRUE “push”, two-way syncing of messages between Treo and IMAP server. No "triggered" pulls; No SMS usage; No third-party servers; No polling for messages.

    • Choose "full" sync or partial sync going back any number of days.

    • Up to 8 online folders at any time (i.e. getting pushed mail). These folders can be on multiple servers or even multiple accounts on the same server. Any folder can be toggled between online and offline. (At the moment, there are a maximum of 64 online + offline folders.)

    • Syncing of sent messages back to the IMAP server.

    • Full background and “while asleep” operation (i.e. while not in the Chatter application or the Treo is sleeping)

    • Asynchronous operation (i.e. sends, receives, moves messages between folders - and more - while you are performing other activites on your Treo, or even while the Treo is asleep).

    • Wide range of notification options, including custom ring tones (per folder), vibration options, and LED flashing

    • SSL support (foreground AND background) Note that NO other Treo software besides Chatter handles SSL communications "in the background".

    • Attachment notification (attachment reading is not available at this time; it will be available in Chatter Email 1.1)

    • More traditional Email "look".

    • Select and act on multiple arbitrary messages (delete, move to folder, mark read, and mark unread).

    • Active, ongoing development. Unique, powerful features not found in other clients.

    • 30-day trial; the price will be $20 (no subscriptions because everything goes through your own server) initially, but may rise to $25 if I decide to distribute via Handango (or other retailer).

    I encourage current users of the various "testversions" to comment as they see fit and/or to answer questions here.


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    Terrific - can't wait to test it out.

    What will the upgrade policy be for current Chatter users?
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    Unlimited free upgrades for all registered users (of old Chatter and Chatter Email). Of course.
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    (More traditional Email "look") Thanks, that's one thing that I didn't like about the Chatter style. Sounds very promising. I only have 10 days left on my Snapper beta. hurry!
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    You are a class act Marc.
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    Does your email program have to be running like Sprint BC or Seven?
    Meaning does my work computer have to be on and my email open.
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    hall316: Nope. Everything is done on the Treo (and your server).
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    interesting. that's been my biggest complaint of Seven or Sprint BC. I hate having to leave my computer on and my email running for my work email.
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    This is going to rule. Snapper is so slow. There's a few suggestions I'd like to make though of things that Snapper does that I do like:

    single key commands - i love how you can execute commands without holding down the menu key or choosing a drop down. like deleting a message just takes a quick click of the d button.

    manual syncing - i know the main draw to chatter is the background syncing, but it does drain the battery more than manual syncing does, especially with the amount of spam I receive. i'd liek to be able to set it up to have the option of having background sync sometimes and manual others.

    otherwise this sounds like a must-have!
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    You can manually sync right now (indeed, I do that with some infrequently-used folders), and it's easy. Just leave the folder "Offline" with the command of the same name; when you want to sync, use the "Online" command, and go back "Offline" when you're done. Is that reasonable?

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    hmm, i'd never though of that. does that address the battery usage if I leave chatter on in the background (with IM off) with the inbox offline then just launch it every once in a while and take it online temporarily? i guess it would since nothing would be communicating, so that's a good workaround...however, I still think it would be cool if there was a way to have it go online until all the messages at that time were synced then taken offline automatically.
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    *sniffles* i love you man....i really do *breaks down*
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    loud - I'll think about that. Chatter really shouldn't use hardly any battery unless there are "online" folders, so yes - going "offline" would greatly reduce battery usage.

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    This sounds great...bring it on!
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    - Albert Einstein
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    Awesome, thanks Marc. I can't wait for this, I really am excited about the improved interface and message handling!
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    Is it the first week of August yet?

    Screw Snappermail and their $60!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hall316
    interesting. that's been my biggest complaint of Seven or Sprint BC. I hate having to leave my computer on and my email running for my work email.
    The only catch is, your work email has to be available from the Internet and on an IMAP Server, A lot of companies put the email server behind their corporate firewall and offer only Exchange.
    But an IMAP Server is an exchange option that IT may have turned on
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    My email is imap behind a firewall (and not exchange). Our IT folks were happy to forward a copy of my email to my fastmail account to enable access w/ Chatter
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    And some IT departments don't mind external access via SSL...

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    I used the full Chatter and thought it was an excellent program except for the battery usage. I only used the Email portion and didnt even enter my Instant Message info. Will this version address the battery life issue? If so, it will be a real winner!
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