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    Did you request one in the "normal" way...?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    Did you request one in the "normal" way...?
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    ok so can I just download chatter im trial to see if it will work with my work email or should I just wait for the chatter email?
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    I'd wait; it's only a few days. If you tell me your IMAP host, I can try to figure out whether it will work or not...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    it's only a few days.
    But it feels like a thousand years.

    None of the Snappermail betas have worked with the IMAP service offered by my hosting company. Admittedly I haven't done anything more complicated than install the beta, try the IMAP action, get the "Protocol error while receiving from IMAP server" error and basically throw up my arms in defeat. (I'm proud to be a quitter -- sure, we never win, but we're sober. We're sober, dammit!)

    Anyway, my point is that I'm still excited to try the Chatter client, even though I'm a little depressed about the whole IMAP-on-Treo thing at this point.
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    IMAP is wonderful, especially if your host accepts the IDLE command...
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    Quote Originally Posted by snerdy
    But it feels like a thousand years.
    No doubt.
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    I believe Communigate Pro 4.2 has the IMAP IDLE function capability but I was wondering if there was anything especial that needed to be done or activated to allow that function to work?
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    i could never work out how to use Chatter, but LOVE VeriChat!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ufo8mycat
    i could never work out how to use Chatter, but LOVE VeriChat!!
    You might want to check out the manual for the new version of Chatter, due out Monday:

    It explains how to do everything pretty clearly.
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    Will Chatter co-exist peacefully with Verizon Wireless Sync? I need VZW to get to my Exchange account (not imap-enabled), but I also need a full-featured imap client for my personal mail. I'm concerned about conflicts, and whether the two of them together will drain my battery like a short-circuit.
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    There shouldn't be any conflicts of a technical nature. As far as battery drain, I can't really say, because I'm not familiar with how VWS works. Chatter has gotten a lot better about battery usage, and there are now more options (e.g. timed sync's for infrequently used folders vs. offline vs. online push). Give it a try...

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    I've read your pdf. Extraordinarily well-written, but I am left with three questions:

    1) Can I have two completely separate users (me and my wife) on the same Treo without anything (names, passwords, folder hierarchy, etc.) being shared?

    2. Can I vary the "from" (which you call Ret'n Addr) by message? I use several email identities for different purposes. Ideally I want to choose from a popup or enter an arbitrary address, and I want Replies to default to the To address of the message I'm replying to. (Note that varying the reply-to does not meet this need.)

    3. My ISP (icdsoft) uses "pop before smtp" authentication, even for imap accounts, meaning that there must be a recent login to the imap server from my ip address in order for the smtp traffic to be considered valid. Does/How does Chatter support this (admittedly obsolete) authentication method?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    Sigh. Well, I know I'll go to hell for this, but I'm implementing something for systems without the IDLE command
    I appreciate it (I don't want to switch from uw-imapd to a maildir server just for it)
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    Doesn't UW-IMAP handle IDLE??
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