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    I am trying to use the app Wifile with the following setup:

    Macintosh OSX.3.4
    Cable Modem going to a router doing DHCP.

    I have Windows sharing setup in my sharing prefs, but I can't seem to get any connection. My ip from the router is a standard

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Tony Ricciardi
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    Update -

    I am running the latest ROM update, if that means anything.
    Tony Ricciardi
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    DHCP? It wil not work with that set up. You need to have a static IP address that is addressable from the outside world.
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    You will need to register your ISP assigned IP address with a service like The you will point WiFile to the Domain name they assign you. Then on the cable router you can setup a port forwarding for WiFile traffic to forward to your internal address. It is preferable that you use a static address internally, otherwise you will need to up date the cable router whenever it changes. Some firewalls offer an embedded interface to & will automatically update whenever your IP changes. Otherwise you will need to download their software. One firewall I am familiar with is WatchGuards SOHO6 @ It definately supports

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