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    So, it's finally come to light that yes you can use any time minutes with the treo for web activity. However the problem is that a good portion the apps leave the dam connection open for hours on end and there is not a way to control this (apparently).

    I think it would be worth some cash to all of us who don't fancy giving verizon money for a data plan if somebody could whip up a small app that will monitor the connection for an idle state and shut it down quickly.

    Anyone care to announce they are going to solve this problem for all us poor folks ?


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    You can go and disconect it your self from the aplication or you can go to the pref and disconect there. pretty easy.

    I dont care since i have unlimited web usage.
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    Me neither. I guess that doesn't help you though. Sorry. You can take your number with you....
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    Anyway here is one possible solution that seems to work.
    Battery Dr.
    You can configure it to kill the data session when you turn off the treo seems to work but I'm not sure it's fulfiling the whole picture.

    the verizon data plans simple suck I guess if my work was willing fork over an extra 45 bucks a month (more then dSl by a good chunk) well that would be one thing, but this idea that folks should have to pay for both dta and phone minutes is simple dumo IMO>
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    Sprint. Unlimited data for 10 bucks. If you get a boatload of talk minutes, data's free. At least in Central Virginia.

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