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    Please help! My 270 is frozen on the "palm-powered" logo, and a hard reset isn't working (let alone a soft reset). It asks me if i want to erase all data, but no matter what button I press from there, it just goes back to the Palmpowered logo again.

    Is it toast? Can this be fixed? Advice, please!
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    I have the same problem with my 180 and am looking for answers. I let the battery run down and tried a hard reset but to no avail.
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    Try hard rest with recharger /power cable plugged in
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    Also try a warm reset (reset + up) to see if you can put the Treo into debug mode...
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    i'm having the same problem with my phone but mine says fatal error fatal exception. i did the above and worked. it took me to preferences but when i try to get out of there it goes back to fatal error. i installed new programs in my treo and that might be it but how can i get them out? i read somewhere it's probably a corrupted file. can anyone help?
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    install the programs in your backup directory one by one and try to figure out which one is causing the problem

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